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Update : Its been a long while since I updated the site (and the program). There are a few issues that need to be fixed and I hope to get to them real soon. If anyone has any problems with Texmex then please email me so I can include fixes in the next version.


New Release : I've fixed a problem in the selection code that caused a crash if a single texture was shift-clicked when no others were selected. Also the PCX export now outputs PCX files the right way up :) As a Bonus i've added support for importing FAKK2 (*.ftx) textures. 


New Release : It seems the export routines were still broken in the last version, so here's a new one with it ALL fixed. Last opened folder is now saved between sessions as well. Go get 3.3 in the downloads section.


New Release : There were a few bugs with the single item export routines in 3.2 that were identified just after I released it, so here's an update to fix them. Also, i've added support for the import of Heretic2 (*.m8) textures and SoF (*.m32) textures. Its only worth upgrading if you use these features. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.


New Release : Well, its been a while but Texmex 3.2 is now ready to download. It now supports modifying BSP files, so there really is no need to use any other App for Quake1 texture manipulation. There's a few bug fixes as well, check the readme for a complete list.


New Release : Ok, here it is finally. Texmex 3.1 is now ready to download, follow the link on the left. New features include RemipDLX (thanks to Neal White), A new GUI layout (you can now select more than 1 item), MouseWheel scrolling in the wad view and a few other minor enhancements. Ive also improves the helpfile. Its still nowhere near complete, but it does give a few handy pointers to features you may not know about.


Update : As you may have noticed TexMex now has a new logo thanks to Yogi. There's also a new icon which matches the logo, but you won't see that until the next point release. The next release is nearing readyness. Ive fixed a couple of bugs and have improved the cut&paste abilities. Its now possible to copy or paste images directly into a texture using the Wad view (previously you needed to use the detail view). Ive also started integrating the RemipDLX code that Neal White kindly sent me, but there's still some bugs to iron out. TexMex has grown so much since it started that a lot of people don't know about some of the features and timesaving shortcuts, so i'm also planning to update the help file for the next release. 


New Release : Ok, new version is in the house. The new version now supports jpg files, gamma control and adjustable display size for items. Also featured is a fastfind option for textures. Load up that huge wad you have, sort it and then try typing in the name of a texture. Also new to this version is a log file feature. Now you can keep track of where all those textures came from. Go get it now... 


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