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TexMex is primarily a Quake1 Texture Wad managment tool. It enables you to create new wads, open BSP files and edit existing Wads. You can create new texture entries form images stored on disk or from the clipboard. The image is converted to use the Quake1 palette automatically (with or without full-brites).

Who needs this ?

Anyone who creates maps for Quake1 and wants to include custom textures in their levels.

What formats does it support ?

TexMex can directly load Wad2 files (Quake1) ,Bsp files (Quake1) and Wad3 files (Half-Life).

It can also import/merge Wad2, LMP, Wad3, Wal (Quake2 & Daiktana), PCX, TGA, DTX (Blood2/Shogo) and BMP files.

A finished Wad can be exported as Wad2, Wad3, Wal (auto converts to Quake2 Palette) BMP, PCX & TGA24.

What about the Palette ?

Any Image, Wad3 or Wal file is automatically converted to use the Quake1 Palette. This conversion defaults to not using Full-Brites but this can be changed in the Preferences. I recommend that you don't use full-brites for general texture use, and only turn it on if your making a texture that specifically requires full-brites. E.g. a fluorescent tube or suchlike.

What else does it do ?

Here's a list of some of the other features in the current version.

  • Auto sub-mip generation.
  • Multi level Undo buffer.
  • In Situ brightness adjustment.
  • Add/remove custom palettes with auto texture conversion.
  • Auto removal of Full-Brites from existing textures.
  • Drag and Drop textures between open Wads.
  • Detail/Tiled view with adjustable zoom and tiling size.
  • Animated view for Quake1 animated textures, lava and sky.
  • Rescaling, mirroring and flipping of textures in situ.
  • Optional Wad validation on save and load.
  • Alphabetical sorting of textures.
  • Full support for custom palettes (can be added and removed with auto tetxure palette conversion).
  • Cleans up texture names in wads, and prevents tetxures with duplicate names in a wad.
  • Ability to read BSP's and WAD's that other utilities fail on.
  • Intelligent use of memory, to support wads of virually unlimited sizes.

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