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March 23, 1999 Rooks
We just got the media release of TFC. Woo hoo! Looks like the next generation in TF is finally upon us! (Till TF2 comes out, at least) Anyway, expect reviews and various changes in the site as we preview/test/play TFC.
March 8, 1999 Battler
Greetings TF world. I want to thank Fang for bringing me aboard. I am looking forward to helping out around here and keeping the community up to date with quality strategy guide information. TeamFortress Classic looks like it will be a breath of fresh air for TF.... LET'S ROCK!
March 8, 1999 Fang
With Teamfortress Classic almost upon us, we are in the process of planning on revamping this site to reflect all the changes. With that we're bringing some new blood to help out here. I'd like to welcome Battler to the staff of the Guide. He's one of the best players I've seen in my Teamfortress career and I look forward to his valuable insights on Teamfortress Classic.
August 31, 1998 Rooks
Greetings! I figured someone should update before August went away, so here I am. :) Looks like Half-Life is almost complete. And we all know the sooner HL comes out, the sooner we'll all be enjoying TF2, eh? (Unfortunately, once that happens, the crew and I here will have to get back to work revamping the site and strategies, doh!) :) Oh well, till the next update ... see ya!
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