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Welcome to Sno's Ultimate Tiporium. This is where the pro's of FPS gaming can share their tips and strategies. It is also where beginners can find these tips and strategies and learn from them.

I, of course, am not the best gamer. That is why I decided to start this website. Not only to help out people in need of skillz, but I figured I'd get something out of it too! I will even throw in some tips and techniques of my own.

I also have The Gamer's Dictionary. It's a cross-referenced dictionary full of gaming terms. And if you need to know a word, but can't find it, send it in and I'll post up a definition (and E-mail you telling you of it).

Then there's the new Tutorials Section. It has (or will have) tutorials and instructions for everything from finding drivers to running games faster to making levels. If you got something to contribute, whether it be a tutorial or additions to a tutorial, send them in!

And speaking of new, there's the brand-spankin' new Lesson's section. This is where you can sign up for personal online lessons in certain games. Head over there for more info!

If you have any questions, E-Mail me at


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Woo. MAN was that a long time between updates! Sorry about that. I've been immensely busy. Work's been giving me major hours and things around the house are insane. Oh well. Finally found a little time.

I got a tip in. Also, I added the Mutators for UT tutorial. How to install, use, take advantage of them, etc. And to everyone who signed up for the lessons, I am so sorry I haven't been around lately. Like I said, far too busy. I'll try to be on more.

Last week, my friend Phil and I were doing some multiplayer HALO online. Man do we kill. We did a lot of 2 vs. 4 and 5's. Great fun. Total domination. My work here is done...

A while ago, I got bored and installed Linux Mandrake 9.0 on my secondary hard drive (the one I was using purely for virtual memory). Man is that stuff fun. Can't get my Phillips PSC703 sound card installed in it though. If anyone can help me with it, it would be greatly appreciated. Other than the sound, it's pretty fun. In fact, I even did the screen shot for the featured pic in Linux. Great fun.

I also put a picture of my OTHER baby on the About Me page. It's a horrible picture, yes. And I had to censor it a bit, but meh. Whatcha gonna do?

Until Next Time, Game On!

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