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About Me

Here's the page where I tell a little about me, cause I'm special!








This has got to be the best game in the entire world. It's a strategy FPS for the XBOX, and it's coming to PC soon! I'm going to be one of the first to get it, too! It's supposed to come out Summer 2003!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Unreal Tournament

PC GAME: Unreal Tournament
Beautiful game. I used to be all about Quake, and I am still a big Quaker, but this game is more real and has better weapons (God, I love that sniper Rifle!) Usually spend at LEAST an hour a day playing this.


One thing to say about this: It really kicks the llama's ass!

The Screen Savers

TV SHOW: The ScreenSavers
The best show on TechTV. The best show ever! It's a live show on TechTV that lets viewers call live and they help the callers with computer problems. They also deliver the tech news, reviews, previews, and more. And even more, it's hilarious. Got Root?

My Baby. I like to call her Eleanor. Ya know, from Gone in 60 Seconds.

88 Camaro

An '88 Camaro, custom ordered. I'm the third owner. It's got a 305 and a T-top. Everything in it was ordered as at least semi-racing. I plan on road-racing this summer! Not drag, it's not the best at that. But the handling is amazing! It's got the body kit of an IROC, but it's just a normal Camaro. As soon as I get the exhaust and window seals fixed (they don't leak, but the seals are being pulled out), I plan on saving up to get the body redone. It needs some rust work. A LOT of rust work. It's worse now than when this picture was taken. I also plan on making a short film this summer about a car chase with my friend. I plan on digitizing it and editing it digitally, so I will end up posting it up here! Keep an eye out for that!

And now, my beast: HERCULES

1.3GHz AMD Athlon

40GB Hard Drive
1.6GB Hard Drive (Linux)
128MB Radeon 8500 with S-Video and DVI-I out
Phillips PSC-703 4-Channel Surround Sound Card
Windows XP Home Edition
Linux Mandrake 9.0

4.1 Channel Speakers
Nostromo N50 SpeedPad
Crappy 15" Monitor
Orion 13" TV
Old Magnavox VCR (able to tape computer output)
Old Zip-100 Drive

Networked To:
DSL Modem


Invidia (Roman God of Jealousy)
HP Pavilion 533MHz Celeron
128MB RAM, 10GB Hard Drive, 40x CD-Rom
4MB Integrated Video
Windows ME


Games Installed: Quake II, Quake III Arena and Team Arena, Unreal, Return to Na Pali, Unreal Tournament, UT2003, UT2003 Demo, Serious Sam: First Encounter, Entire MechWarrior 2 Series, MechWarrior 3, Alien Vs Predator Gold (hardly play), Fallout2, Fallout Tactics, Descent 3.