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Lag: n.: A slowdown of information transfer. In a multiplayer game, it's when a network gets congested, or thus slowing it down. If you experience lag during a multiplayer game, the game slows down, or even stops, while your computer waits for the server to catch it up on what has happened. This is where a ping comes into play. The higher your ping, the more lag you experience. A 0 ping is a gamer's dream.

L337: n.: See 1337.

Llama: n.: No, not the animal. In gaming terms, a llama is generally someone who is a snobby gamer. They are lame. They will barely kill you (after getting killed a thousand times), then laugh in your face.

LAN: n. "lan": Short for "Local Area Network." A communications network that serves users within a relatively small area. Most LANs serve just one building or a group of buildings. A LAN's servers run the programs and hold the data that all users on the LAN share. The users' individual PCs are workstations (clients) which access the serves as needed.