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Server: n.: The business end of a client/server setup, a server is usually a computer that provides the information, files, webpages, and other services to the client that logs on to it.

Sound Card: n.: The card that processes audio data on a PC. It's often a PCI card, but it can also be USB or FireWire based. Or it can be built into the computer's motherboard.

Splash Damage: n.: Damage that is given off from an indirect hit. An example would be if you were near an explosion, you would get hurt, but not as much as if you were in the middle of the explosion.

Strafing: v.: A term used in gaming to mean moving side-to-side while facing one direction. Also known as Side-Stepping.

Subwoofer: n.: A special speaker that plays only low frequencies. A subwoofer gives a speaker system a BOOM BOOM. It can be placed anywhere on the ground, even under a couch, and still be effective.

SVGA: n.: Short for "Super Video Graphics Array." It's a set of graphics standards designed to offer greater resolution than VGA. SVGA supports 800 x 600 resolution, or 480,000 pixels. The SVGA standard supports a palette of 16 million colors, but the number of colors that can be displayed simultaneously is limited by the amount of video memory installed in a system. One SVGA system might display only 256 simultaneous colors while another displays the entire palette of 16 million colors.