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This has got to be the best Quake site ever. It's got everything. It's still the best site on the net. Of course, I MIGHT be a LITTLE bias :-).

The portion of the GameSpy Network dedicated to everything Unreal. You can get everything you need for any of the Unreal series here. It even has previews and all the news of the upcoming versions of Unreal and Unreal Tournament! Definately a great Unreal portal!

Extended PlayExtended Play
The gaming show on TechTV. Starring Adam Sessler, it is a gamer's favorite show! (I usually watch it to drool over games...)

The best HALO site I've found yet! They have everything there is to have on HALO, even fanfictions! It also has all the news on the PC/Mac version! They're not Bungie, but they are pretty dang close! If you have trouble remembering the address, just remember: HBO.

The 7th ColumnThe Seventh Column
This is part of, the official Bungie community site. It is a collection of Chapters, which are basically teams and fanclubs for HALO and other Bungie games. You can check out my team's chapter too, The Saprano's.

Personal Links

The ScreenSavers!
Got Root?The ScreenSavers
Got a computer problem? Just want some techy humor? Check out The ScreenSavers, the Geekiest show on TechTV!

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