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About Me

Welcome to the Tutorials section! Here you will find all kinds of tutorials, from making maps, to finding drivers, to diagnosing problems, and much more. Not all are written by me. Any that aren't by me link to the original site in another window.

If you would like to SUBMIT a tutorial (even for a game or category I don't have listed yet), go right ahead!

Choose your category:

Map Making

This covers any tutorial that has to do with making maps in different programs for different games.

Mods and Mutators

This is NOT the creation of mods and mutators, but how to install them on different games. Also includes how to manipulate them and use them to your advantage.


These are tutorials for how to do cool tricks in games.

Finding What You Want

These are general tutorials on finding things you want, like finding hardware drivers, good levels, etc.

Problem Diagnosing

Tutorials on how to try to narrow down a problem with a game and maybe even try to fix it yourself.