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So, you're getting tired of playing regular Unreal Tournament, and are ready for some new fun. Sure you could go out and buy Unreal Tournament 2003, but I have a cheaper solution. How about getting some modifications for UT to liven up the game. Or, you can also use them to make yourself better. Read about it all here.


Section I: What Are Mutators and How Do You Use Them?
Section II: Constructive Uses for Mutators
Section III: Finding Mutators
Section IV: Famous Mutators

So What are Mutators? How Do You Use Them?

Mutators are just ways to modify the game and how it is played. They can change anything from the rules of the game, the objective of the game, weapons, and items that show up in the game. In fact, UT comes with some built in mutators. These include sniper arena, flak arena, exploding ammo, and relics (items that appear in the game and allow you to boost a certain ability or do something special). Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Editions even come with a Chaos UT mod already on it! You can find a wealth of mutators at FilePlanet under their Unreal Tournament Mods section. You can also go over to PlanetUnreal and find some hosted sites for mutator developers, but they all host their files on FilePlanet.. See Section III for more ways to find mutators.

Mutators Window

Alright, so now that you know what they are, you need to know how to use them. Well, you can't use them in single-player tournament mode. To use them in a practice session, you go to the UT Desktop and click the Game menu and click Start Practice Session. Then, in the new window, click the Mutators button. Up comes a window where you can control all your mutators. The mutators on the left are all available mutators that aren't currently applied. On the right are the currently applied mutators. The checkbox at the top allows you to keep the current setting every time you create a game, either in practice session or multiplayer.

To move a mutator over into the Mutators Used side, just double-click the mutator on the left you want. To remove a mutator from the Mutators Used category, just double-click it again. Once you have all your mutators chosen, you can click Close and start the game just like normal.

And that's all there is to it really.

Like I said, UT comes with mutators (and even more come in UT Game of the Year Edition). But you can download more from the Internet. See Section III for more details.

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Constructive Uses for Mutators

Alright, now for some uses for mutators, other than just a change in gameplay.

The main constructive use I know for mutators are for tuning your abilities on certain weapons. To do this, you use the Arena mutators (sniper arena, flak arena, rocket arena, etc.)

Alright, say your bad at a sniper rifle. Or you just have horrible aim in general. Turn on Sniper Arena. This will make it so that the only weapon in the game is a Sniper Rifle. Sure you will get a royal asskicking at first, but keep playing!!! Eventually you will HAVE to learn how to aim better and use the sniper rifle (and just a side tip for the sniper rifle, if you need to aim side-to-side just a little bit, strafe instead of turning. It's more precise.). You will eventually learn tactics to aim better. You use the Sniper Rifle to better your aiming skills because there is no splash damage. You have to hit them directly to kill them. I did this and eventually I got to the point where I could get headshots just by walking past a guy. It's a very handy skill. You just need PATIENCE.

The same goes for the rest of the weapons. Most of them have their own arena mutator.

Perhapse you realize you rely too much on vision and not enough on sound. That's why they invented the Stealth mutator (not really, but just go along with it...). Turn on a stealth game and suddenly vision is your least worry. Use your sound, especially if you have surround sound (this is pretty cool). This also helps if you need help finding little details, because you can still be seen, it's just MUCH harder. Kind of a Predator-type invisibility. I suppose this will also help you if you just flat out have trouble fighting someone invisible! Besides, it can make capture the flag fun/annoying as hell...

I suppose I will post up more uses as they come to me... As for now, I need to finish this thing! If you have any ideas on other constructive uses for mutators, E-Mail me!

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Finding Mutators

As I said before, FilePlanet is a good source for mutator downloads. Check out their Unreal Tournament Mutators section, too. Also, like I said, there's PlanetUnreal, who hosts several sites for mutators. But there are other ways, as well.

Of course, there are other download sites, such as and Then there's the infamous GOOGLE!

Google is an immensely awesome search engine. Most search sites search through sites submitted by the owners that are in their database. Google actually searches the web! It searches for keywords in what are called META tags (invisible information in a web page telling what it's about) and the actual pages. You have to be careful though. Try being specific. There's sort of an art to searching the web, especially in Google.

By this, I mean don't just search for mutators. Search for ut mutators, or, to narrow it down a little, "ut mutators" (including the quotes). The quotes tell Google to search webpages for the phrase ut mutators rather than ut and mutators. Google, though, being the smart little web search that it is, list web pages that have both ut and mutators first in the list even if you don't have the quotes. Then it will list sites with just ut or mutators.

Which brings me to another topic. Then again, maybe not. I don't want to get into this yet. I suppose my next tutorial will be my How to Find What You Want tutorial. And will someone PLEASE remind me to update this to when I post that tutorial! Anyway, moving on...

Alright, so I searched for ut mutators in Google and it brings up "about 21,600 results." Have fun. And remember, your hard drive CAN get full...

As for other ways, let's see. I gotta think. Let's see what I can find...

Oh, look what I found. Downloads for all the official Epic (the makers of Unreal Tournament) UT mutators! Half of them came with the game, but accidents CAN happen. The rest are from the bonus pack, and also came with UT Game of the Year Edition. Let's see what else I can find...

Wow, I found a site called Planet-UT that's in German or something. LoL. So I suppose if you can't understand what I'm saying now because you only speak German, try here!

Geez, what a COPY CAT! I found a PlanetUnreal tutorial on mutators! *Looks around* No, really, I did it first. Ahem, anyway...

Well, you get the idea. If you need any help, just give me a holler. We'll see if we can find you some fun!

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Famous Mutators

Alright, now for the most famous mutators. There are, of course, the original Epic UT mutators. For an explanation on each of them, click HERE. But, it doesn't explain the Relics, so I will here. Relics (included in the UTBonus Pack, which is included in UT G.o.t.Y.E.) are little pickups that appear in random places in any map. Once you pick one up, you keep it until you either drop it (using a binded key) or you die. Each one has a different special power:

Regen: This slowly REGENerates your health. Pretty handy if your danger-prone.

Defense: With this, it takes more hits to do the same damage as without it.

Speed: You get. You get good.

Strength: Increases damage inflicted by your weapons.

Redemption: This one's a little tricky, but I think I finally figured it out. Before you die (unless you die fairly fast), you get teleported to a random spot in the map just before you get killed. This was very confusing for me, as I would be fighting when suddenly I would be somewhere else. If I'm wrong with this, let me know.

Death: When you die, after 3 seconds a bomb goes off where your dead corpse lay, perhaps taking out your killer.

Now for some other pretty famous mutators you will find out there:

CHAOS UT: CHAOTIC DREAMS is an amazing little group that make mods and mutators for just about every first person shooter. In UT, the mutator either replaces weapons, or it can make it so that when a weapon spawns, it is the regular weapon, then when it spawns again, it is the CHAOS weapon. Then it repeats the cycle. It also can add an off-hand grapple hook, which can be pretty useful. It does several other things, including 5-second invulnerability at respawn. It's a great mutator, and it even comes in UT G.o.t.Y.E! Just remember: Watch out for the giggling proxy mines!

JailBreak III: JailBreak is another very famous mod that spans several FPS games (it's so famous, it has it's own Planet site!). JailBreak is an insanely team-orientated mod. Each team guards a base, and attacks the other team's base. But once you get killed, you get sent to jail in the other team's base. You don't get released until a teammate makes it into the other team's base and releases you. First team to capture all of the other team's players wins. Very fun, but if you want action the whole time, it's not for you.

Rocket Arena UT: Not the same as the regular Rocket Arena mutator. This is a whole new kind of gameplay. Rocket Arena, once more, spans several FPS games. Each level has different sub-levels, or arenas. You enter an arena and go head-to-head with one person or team in a series of matches. Whoever gets the most matches wins a game. You start with all the weapons. Pretty fun, but again, sometimes not for someone that wants to game the whole time. You sometimes have to wait in line.

Well, PlanetUnreal just went down for some odd reason, and this is dragging on a bit anyway, so that's it for now. I might post some more up later. If you have any questions at all, E-Mail me!

Game Hard, Game On!

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