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07\13\03 - Work moving alone well! We're still here! 

05\13\02 - Desert Racers: Outlaws Released
02\25\02 - Sgt. Grunt Jenkins: Extreme Measures Announced
08\12\01 - QTM RELEASED!
08\08\01 - QTM This Sunday!

News Archives - 1 2 3

News - Work Going Well. New Projects in the Works! Jenkins\Racing\Graphics

Projects: Jenkins is still moving along. The project is slow.  Other animated projects are also in the editors.

Crew: We're all still here amazingly, and working hard..  The new animated films from Tritin are progressing and hoping for soon release!   Pictures Below.

Street Racers - A new animated film, Street Racers, has begun production, and some stills below show some shots of the film rendered in the Brazil Rendering System.

News - Desert Racers: Outlaws Released

Following up Midnight Racers, a fast paced short movie about 2 cars speeding through a town and it's back-roads, we started work on Desert Racers.  

Click here to go to our Downloads Page

News - Project Work Updated

The new movie is being created completely in 3D Studio Max, such as Escape from the Bastille was made.  It stars one of our very first characters we used back in our earlier Quake2 Engine movies; Sgt. Grunt Jenkins.   The movie's working title is "Extreme Measures", and would be under the MilitaryAction\Sci-Fi genre. 


The film's development crew so far is listed below:

Animator - Joseph Goss

Scene Design & Special Effects - Jeff Goss\Jim Goss\Joseph Goss

Weapons\Character Modelling - Jeff Goss\Jim Goss\Jeremy Steib

Music - Mark S. Affeld and Mike Mauro

News - Work Update\QTM Website Re-Created

The new project is still in the works.  Everything is looking up and better than ever here at Tritin Films.  Happy Holidays to everyone!   

The new Offical Quake: The Movie website has been finished and is now opened to the public!  Enjoy the info, downloads, and especially the excitement of a new project in the works!

News - New Project

For viewers that refresh this page daily, we are working on a new project, following a very early character we worked with back in 1998.  More info to come, and we'll keep you updated.  

News - Post-Release News - By Joseph Goss

(Note: You may find the list of mirrors for QTM: Escape From the Bastille if you scroll down to the NEXT news update on this page.)

After QTM: Escape from the Bastille's release earlier this month following the premiere of the film at Quakecon 2001, we just wanted to say how pleased we were with the outcome of viewers and fans that showed all the support throughout the development.   The film was a huge success showing at QC, was placed on 3 different magazine DVD\CDs, and has pulled an amazing 120,000+ downloads in the last half month. The entire first week of release, it held 2 of the top 10 most popular files on Fileplanet itself and was given a spot on the front page.  Thanx goes out to FP and Pappy-R from for their help in making this a big success. 

We also want to send out a huge THANKYOU to Eric (Starfury) Bakutis for showing the film at Quakecon in our behalf. His presentation was a great tribute to making the film an eye opener to the Quake gaming community.  Eric is an acclaimed script\story writer within the gaming and machinima community, and his new website promoting his new novel. Please visit the site and check out his work!

Another special thanx is to go out to Marcel Beerman from PC Zone Benelux Magazine. He has shown AMAZING support for the project, has give then film astute attention and we've benefited greatly from the amount of press coverage he has made for the film and the Tritin Group in the magazine. Thanks Marcel!

And one more thanx to my group, Jeff Goss, Kevin Riepl, Jim Goss, and Eric Bakutis for all the hard work they put into the film during the 10 months of production. For you mod groups and online crews that know exactly how hard it is to get a project finished, let alone even run a gaming clan successfully, you can see how well the team worked together to pull this off. THANKS guys!

Thanx to Eric for the following picture of the 1st showing at QC 2001 -

(Do you see yourself in this picture?)

Special News - QTM Released!

Downloads - 

ASF Mirrors -

File Planet
File Planet 2
Planet Multiplayer FTTP
Kings of the Hill (q3 clan - thnx guys)
FTTP Frag Land HTTP Frag Land 

AVI Mirrors -

File Planet
File Planet 2
Planet Multiplayer 

News - QTM - Midnight Racers

Midnight Racers - Release Today

This is a 2 minute CGI project we've been working on since our time freed up slightly.  It's our first project-experience trying to develop a PSX Style intro for a game.  (The game is not real, just the intro movie).   The movie does star Sarge as a cameo since this is a Quake related website. ENJOY! The film is available in 320x240 ASF and 640x480 AVI DIVX;)  Give us an Email with your comments.  

Download ASF  |  Download  AVI

QTM at Quakecon 2001

QTM is in the mail to Eric Bakutis in Texas.  It'll be on display at Quakecon 2001!  For everyone attending, look for us!  If you take any photos at Quakecon of the Tritin Film's session with QTM, be sure to send them into us.  Thanks guys.

News - QTM Wrapped Up

We've examined our script and realized that if we were to continue the project, it would stretch on for another 2 years at our current work capacity and real-life agendas.  We've wrapped QTM up at the 15 minute mark and are releasing it under the final title of "Escape From The Bastille".   We do realize this gives fan projects yet another bad name in the realm of "completion", but at the 15 minute mark, the film is glorious, understandable, and is a stand-alone for it's own story.  We feel it will have the same impact as we had planned the original to have. 

The film will have it's secondary premiere at Quakecon 2001.  We hope those that see it there enjoy it, and the video will be released the day after the thunderous QC Weekend right here on  Tritin isn't finished, and are still continuing on other 10 minute projects featuring Quake related Cameos and art.  2 Years is far too long to wait to release 'one' project, while publicly, the crew appears dead.  Thanks and keep coming back for new work and news!

SPECIAL News - TEASER-B Released - [email protected] 

Teaser B is up! There is a selection of excellent mirrors to download from! Thanks to Fileplanet, ISPGN,, and the ILLClan! Grab the second sneak peak of Quake: The Movie below! *Thanks to LCID Fire for the QTM Banner at the top of this page.

Teaser B Downloads - *note for Fileplanet downloads, do NOT right click and press SAVE TARGET AS. Merely click once on the download location you want and wait.  

DIVX;) AVI\640x480\30fps\includes DIVX;) Codec Install - 22mb
Mirror 1 - One.Net   Download
Mirror 2 - Download
Mirror 3 - ISPGN Download
Quicktime MOV\320x240\30fps\ - 24mb
Mirror 1 -    Download
Mirror 2 - Download
Mirror 3 -  ISPGN Download 
Microsoft Streaming ASF\320x240\25fps\ - 4.5 mb
Mirror 1  -  The ILL Clan   Download
Mirror 2  -         Download
Mirror 3  - Download

Send us feedback at [email protected] 

News - Work Update 

Just for those that missed this great article from 3D Action Planet about the Quake: The Movie film project, you can read it here.

Continue to bear with us, both Gamespy and our fans. We need to get the work computer back up and running and until that time, we can't get the required banners up on the website.  PLEASE bare with this.

News - Work Update 

Work Update -

From all of us here at Tritin, THANKYOU for being patient. We've been "falling to pieces" with all the work the past 3 months.  The film is sitting at the 15 minute point, with completed voice, sound, and music  ready for showing.  There is still much more of the film to be completed, and that production STARTS this coming Friday.  

Many other exciting things are going on for the project, keep up the support!

Quakecon 2001 - 

Tritin may show up at the coming event this year; demonstrating and showing off what the film is about, how it is made, and what it looks like so far, including the soundtrack and poster art. Perhaps even a few free T-Shirts. 

Site Design - 

New Site Design. Gotta Love it.

PC ZONE Magazine March 26th - 

Don't miss the upcoming version of PC Zone Benelux Magazine as the full page Poster art will be printed and an exclusive interview and article with the members of Tritin Films and associated groups involved in creating Quake: The Movie.  ALSO included in the magazine issue is the FIRST EVER EXCLUSIVE showing of Teaser B for Quake: The Movie. The teaser will be released 2 days later on March 28th on Planetquake.

News - Work Update 

Footage - 

We've hit the 13 minute mark.  The entire intro sequence to the film is completed and the main credits completed and filled into the scene.  The CD has been shipped and received by Kevin Riepl.

Teaser B -

Kevin's is currently finishing up work on Teaser 2.  The teaser will debut in the April Issue of PC Zone Benelux Magazine along with the official "Quake: The Movie" movie poster. DON'T miss that guys. It's a collectible ;)

Voice Acting -

Kevin Riepl has been hard at work along with Benners Studio's support on casting the voice actors for the main characters in the film.  I want to name the actors and thank them for joining the project:

Craig Mahoney - Located in New Jersey. Recording at X-Plore Studios.

Kevin Riepl - Located in New Jersey. Recording at X-Plore Studios.

Don Sargent - Located in North Carolina. Recording at Benners Studio.

Bill Benners - Located in North Carolina. Recording at Benners Studio.

Voice actors for the female part (Crash), are under study and test right now.  

More information concerning all actors will be updated to the site in due-time.  Many issues are concerning Tritin Films during this time so please bare with us. 

News - Work Update 

Footage -

We've hit the 11 minute mark. 

Sound Design -

Kevin is still creating the sfx and for the first 11 minutes.  

Music -

Kevin is creating the main theme music for the film as well as scoring the first 11 minutes. 

Poster -

Turbine Angel has almost completed work on the QTM Poster Art.  We want to send out a word of thanks to him and his talents and his help in providing this service for us. 

Voice - 

Bill Benners has finalized 3 of the 5 main voice actors in North Carolina. Auditions are still coming in for the two remaining slots that need to be filled for the intro sequence.

Eyecandy - 

These three ad shots we're captured from the film itself.  Yes, these are scenes from Quake: The Movie.  Enjoy and let us know what you think.



News - Work Update | PC Zone | Teaser Comments | Vacation

Footage - 

We've stopped at the 9-minute mark. We're now focusing on the complete sound design for the current video.  

Sound Design - 

Kevin is hard at work completing the sound\music design for Scenes 1-2. 

Voice -

Bill Benners is gathering together some new voice samples from various actors located at Benners Studios.  (This is currently not effecting any of the already chosen voice actors)

Teaser Fan Comments - 

I've compiled a page of comments sent into us by some of the fans around the community.  Also included are some unnoffical quotes from id Software employees and an official quote from Gamespy. 

Check it out!

PC Zone Coverage -

The PC Zone website has updated for all you European people. Check out their website update on QTM here.

Vacation -

While Kevin and Bill make haste with their work, I'll be leaving from the 12th-19th on vacation. I'll see you all when I get back.

News - Work Update | One New Screenshot 

Footage - 

Since our release of Teaser 1 exactly one month ago, we've put out 170 seconds onto the film's running length.  You can now see that it takes 1 month to put out just over 2 minutes of footage, and that's with 1 computer working 4 days a week in both design and rendering.

Music | Sound Design -

Kevin Riepl will be recieving Scene 2 this afternoon. He'll be working on sound effects for the first 8 minutes of the film. 

Modelling -

Jeff Goss has been very busy in the modelling department. We'll have some pictures of the Bastille Shuttle in our next update.

One New Screenshot - (click the image for a larger version)

SPECIAL News - New Site Design | New Crew - Gosses

The new site design is up. If you have any errors in IE or Netscape, please email them in to us so we can get it fixed.  Be sure to use Netscape 6 or IE 5.0 (latest versions of each browser).  

The crew section has been updated with all the current members of Tritin Films - mug shots included.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to, our host. Send them an email of thanks for their years of service :) 

SPECIAL NOTE:  PLEASE SEND IN ALL COMMENTS YOU HAVE REGUARDING THE 'QUAKE THE MOVIE' TEASER.  Scroll down this page to download the teaser if you haven't yet viewed it.  We're very thankful to our fans as we hit over 10,000 downloads in less than 2 weeks!

SPECIAL News - Quake The Movie Teaser #1! - Gosses


Well today we're wrapping up DAY #5 of TF Week with a bit of a surprise, and that's the very first public glimpse of Quake The Movie.  That's right - it's TEASER #1 and it's coming straight at you. - (includes QTM_preview.avi and the divx codec to play | download size 11.9 mb)  (be sure to hit at #quakethemovie to give us live feedback or email us at [email protected])

Cutting The Edge Day 5 -

Also hit DAY #5 at of Tritin Films Week! More info! More Maps! More interviews! More of the same but only better!

Hot Links from TF Week over the past 5 days! -

Day #1   (coverage of scrapped maps, TF Crew Interview,Divided Lands, and 2 exclusive QTM Screenshots!)

Day #2   (coverage of Divided Lands (two maps), a new movie release!, interview with Jim 'Statless' Goss, and 2exclusive QTM Screenshots!)

Jenkins: The Beginning - (A Quake2 Machinima Film that was never released by Tritin Films. Not it's up for download!)

Day #3   (coverage of a large city map for Divided Lands, interview with Eric 'Starfury' Bakutis, editing shots, more Divided Lands maps, and 2 Exclusive QTM Screenshots!)

Santron City Map bsp (Map for one of the Divided Lands movie sets. A large city from one of the huge scenes in the film)

Santron City Map pk3 (the pk3 file - textures\shaders - you need to run the above map correctly)

Day #4 (coverage of the last film that was never released by Tritin Films - Black Trenchcoat Quakers! This controversial subject matter kept the film quiet until now. Also an interview with Andre 'Nicodem-X' Dusette, more Divided Lands maps, and 2 Exclusive QTM Screenshots!)

Black TrenchCoat Quakers (A new but unreleased older film made in Quake2 following the topic of the Columbine Highschool shooting.)

News - Tritin Films Week Day #2 at CuttingtheEdge! - Gosses

New Crew -

All the way from Australia comes Scull, TF's new weapon and vehicle modeller. By far one of the most talented so far to provide work for TF, we're proud to have him on board. We'll update the website with bios soon of our three modellers.

CuttingtheEdge Day #2 -

Tritin Films Day #2 was posted yesterday at  Amongst the hype was a new movie released - Jenkins: The Beginning, a film we never finished in Quake2 but still had about 2 minutes of running time on. Now you can check it out at! Later this week there will be ONE more unfinished film released, and Friday is our smash hit day so be sure to be here all week!

News - Tritin Films Week Day #1 at CuttingtheEdge! - Gosses 

Day 1 - is going up with the first day of Tritin Films Week! Head straight there now for tons of Day #1 info on Divided Lands, Quake The Movie, Movie Maps, Game Maps, and Articles and Interviews by the TF Staff and CTE! GO!

dlpostersmall.jpg (7160 bytes)

News - Teaser|Poster|New Staff|CuttingtheEdge|Cancelation - Gosses 


We've spent the past few weeks strictly working on a 1:52 length teaser for the film.  We hope to ship it off to id software as well as release it here publicly this coming Friday.  Even though this is very early for a preview, we feel it's necessary to let the community know what exactly we're doing with the film, and it may be good strategy to bring on some extra help to make things run a little faster.

SPECIAL NEWS - Cancelation -

Divided Lands, our Q3 Machinima film has been cancelled out of the Quake3Arena engine. QTM is taking far too much time and we're trying to focus mainly on it's production only.  DL still has a kicker of a storyline, so we want to pursue it at a later date and most likely not in the Quake3Arena engine. If I recieve over 500 emails requesting us to release the 15 minutes of finished footage that we shot inside the Quake3Arena engine, then I will work on a release date for that 15 minutes of the film.

New Staff -

Smegger, a new modeller, has joined the staff doing weapon model work.  We love a fast, talented modeler that can follow   instructions :)  In the next week we'll update the QTM site with our modeller's bios and pictures - Statless|Smegger.

Monday kicks off the long and exciting week over at and Tritin Films' Week! Five great days of articles, interviews, exclusive pictures, and even unreleased movies! Be sure to hit them EVERY single day starting Monday for a very exciting show!

Poster Announcment -

I've talked to Rorshach (Creator of the Quad God poster), and we plan to start production on the Quake The Movie poster art soon.

PC Zone Benelux -

Yes - the foriegn magazine has yet again run another article on the film, this time printing an exclusive picture from QTM. Be sure to check it out in the mag. If you miss the pic, you can either see the actual scene in the upcoming teaser, or you can wait for next month and possibly grab it from PC Zone's disc.

News - Work Update - Gosses 

Footage -

We're still humming.  The creation is fast but the rendering is slow so bear with us. One would think a P3 800 would give a little more but thusfar, a 5 second scene takes up to 12-17 hours to render to an avi at 640x480.  Hang in there.

Sound Effects -

Since I'm still working on scene 2, the sfx haven't been worked on for it yet. Kevin is doing some research for some ship\war sounds but thus-far, it's not on the current list of things to do.

New Crew Member -

All we can say is that the crew is growing, and the job is getting easier.  J. Thaddeus Skubis, a.k.a. Mindcrime has joined Tritin Films as part of the QTM Staff.  If you don't know Mindcrime, he is the Director responsible for the late 4 hour Quake 1 movie, The Seal of Nehahra.  He is contributing to QTM by doing script cleanup and leading the heroes himself as the voice of character John 'Ranger' Graham.  Mindcrime's information and bio is up at the QTM site so take a look.

QUAKE: The Movie #IRC Channel Opened!

You can now hang out with the crew and other fans at the new QTM IRC Channel.  Join and enter #quakethemovie and hang out with the crowd or just idle! :)

Voice -

Bill Benners has voice the narrative for the intro to QTM.  Who else could pull off a James Earl Jones sound-a-like? :) 


At they'res a lot of work brewing.  The website will be hosting an entire week of Tritin Films never released films, maps, and exclusive screenshots from QTM.  Be sure to keep them bookmarked!

News - Work Update - Gosses 

Footage -

Over 45 seconds more footage have been churned out since our last update.  Also, probably to answer a common question, we will be producing some small-window size clips from the movie as we get further along in the work.

Sound Effects

Kevin, myself, and Bill got together for a great meeting last Tuesday evening.  The sound effects are completed for the #1 scene. Bill is currenlty working on some narratives. 

New Hummer Model

Jim has spent some time on the next hummer model.  This is definately one his better works.  A picture is below of the new model.  No, this is NOT replacing the previous hummer Jim modelled, but will also be used.

2hummerthumb.jpg (40820 bytes)

One Screen

A great screen from the film is pictured below. This is NOT a thumbnail. We don't exactly want the public to "get the big picture" yet ;)  You'll have to settle for the little pic for now.

pre1.jpg (22486 bytes)

News - Work Update - Gosses 

Sound Effects -

Bill Benners has recieved his Scene #1 Disc and he, myself, and Kevin Riepl willl begin work on it next Tuesday. 

Music -

The Quake: The Movie Theme Music is now up for download. You can listen to main theme from the film in mp3 format.  This theme was scored by Kevin Riepl from

Modelling -

Jim is working on the new Transport Shuttle. We'll make sure to post more info on that later.

News - Work Update - Gosses 

Music -

Kevin Riepl has completed his scoring of the first scene.  I'm glad to report that his skillz have not been over-exaggerated. The composition he performed for the 2:28 second scene is nothing short of amazing.   

Footage -

About 2 more minutes have been completed for the second scene of the film.  No further information is available on that.

New Modeller -

As we all saw on two days ago, Tritin has brought a new modeller into the group. His name is Jim 'Statless', and yes, he's only 12 years old.  Who said you had to have a degree to do good work eh?   Below is Jim's first model completed for the film.  A two hour piece of work. This picture is exclusive - click for a larger version -

hummer3.jpg (113759 bytes)

Sound Effects -

The first scene has been shipped off to Bill Benners in North Carolina.  Hopefully this weekend Bill, myself, and Kevin will be able to sit down and begin work\editing on adding all the careful sfx and voice into scene #1.

Script -

Eric Bakutis has finished up Scene#1 V 2.0 of the QTM Script of which we'll be using for our SFX\Voice work in the next few days.  

Credit -

After careful thinking, we're planning on giving credit to 5 main companies\groups that have been a help in production in the very intro of the film. These being : Tritin Films - Clan Phantasm -  - - and Benners Studios, Inc

News - Work Update - Gosses 

Footage -

We've got the Bastille Prison (the location of QTM) totally redesigned. A new section is up in the 'characters' section at the Quake-The Movie website concerning the prison, with a picture of the location and history written up by Eric Bakutis, our script writer for the film itself.

Music -

The first scene has been shipped on CD to Kevin Riepl. He'll start work on scoring the piece for track #1 of the film within the next week.

Divided Lands -

QTM is taking most of our time. I've taken Jeff off the mapping project for DL and put him on a support role for myself as we put QTM together.  The project is very heavy and requires all the max help I can get concerning modeling and scene development.

Formats -

I want to thank Ben 'Gamemaster' Grussi for checking into Video Formats this week.  He set myself up with some new encoding software called RadTools which enables me to convert our whopping 140 meg AVI files into equal quality 35 meg avi's.  The new compression keeps a 640x480 screen, 30 fps rate, and beautiful clarity while cutting off over 70% of it's file size.  Thanks Ben.

Planetquake -

I'm not sure exactly what's going on with all the problems. After checking over my emails I'm not exactly positive as to whether I should be changing my links now, or possibly keeping them as is and only using a new reference code for any new files I upload. Hopefully this will all be made clear.  

Special News - New Staff on QTM | RP | Update - Gosses

New Staff on QTM -

We are very pleased to bring Kevin "Vlacarus" Riepl into the Quake:The Movie staff as our Musical Composer.   Kevin has already begun work and shows some outstanding talent. We're all very glad to have him scoring QTM.   Visit Kevin's website at and check out his former work, music samples, and if it be so - drop him an email and welcome him on board. 

Head over to the QTM website and meet Kevin in the crew\team section where you'll find personal information and more about his past work.

Real Player

Real Player format on Quad God is still on hold.  We've mentioned this several times and are still recieving emails about it.    We're still waiting for some sort of new real player encoder that we can use.   Our early software went up in smoke.


QTM is on the go.  Eric, Kevin, Jeff, Benners, and myself are still hard at work to make this movie happen.  Please be patient and give us your support.  If you can offer your serviced in any way such as animator, graphic artists, sketch artist for scenes and environments, and\or renderer or to help with funds, please contact me at [email protected] or on ICQ at 34514053.   Thankyou.

News - Still\Help - Gosses

Just one more still from some of the work we're doing.  We're still looking for extra help in Studio Max and Q3Radiant experience. We'll talk to anyone that can be of help to us in the field of making realistic environments by copying sketches, drawings that will be provided in both pieces of software. [email protected]

newstill.jpg (27028 bytes)

News - Work Update - Gosses

Still working hard. QTM footage is still be churned out at a good rate, Bill Benners and myself will start sound work on one of the scenes very shortly. 

Divided Lands mapping is also still running smoothly.  It's nice having two brothers that map like meany professionals :)

News - Real Player Format \ Divided Lands Page - Gosses

Real Player Format

I've been getting several emails from various people over the past few days reguarding Media Player 6.4.  We stated in the CFilms section that there may be a problem with 6.4 when playing our movies.  This is because our films used the Media Player 6.1 ASF codec and stupid Microsoft didn't include that codec in the 6.4 release, therefore you can't watch our films correctly if you upgraded your player. 

To fix this problem, I'll be reinstalling our Video software so we can re-run the original Quad God avi's into a Real Player format. I would post the original avi's but they run up to over 1.4 gigs for the entire film. 

I'll try to get the Real Player version out this week.

Divided Lands Page

I've put up a page reguarding Divided Lands, our Quake3Arena engine film. Check it out here.

Special News - Website for Quake - The Movie! - Gosses

Today after a lot of hard work, we've manage to get the Quake:TM website open and ready for the public. Storyline, actors, characters, script, methods, stills, and wallpaper information plus lots, lots more are available now at Quake:TM.

Special thanks to Timmac for working over-time on the Flash. I mean REALLY over-time. ;)


News - Quake: The Movie Website Coming Soon! - Gosses

We'll be opening a website totally dedicated to Quake: The Movie in the next week or so. Movie, actor, music, and script news will all be updated there as a nice central point for everything about Quake: TM. 

Included will be stills from the movie, high quality wallpapers from many of the Max renders we're making during production, character information, juicy storyline news, and of course all the detailed information on the Quake: TM Team which happens to be made up of some of the most professional names in Quake Film making since 1997.

Names including Eric 'Starfury' Bakutis, director and author of Quake 1's Devil's Covenant; Bill Benners, famous veteran Quake Cinema voice actor who's credits include Sith from Devil's Covenant and several other of Quake's most popular films, and of course Tritin's own team known for Quad God, CTF-CIA, and half a dozen other short Quake3Arena engine based films.

Be sure to keep in tune for the website opening this week!

News - Cutting the Edge - Gosses has posted a new article up this morning reguarding Quake:The Movie. Inlcuded are a few exclusive snapshots and an interview. Be sure to check it out

News - Planet Quake Opening Day! - Gosses 

I want to thank Pappy and Hellchick from Planet Quake for getting us a very speed switch to the PQ servers.  It all happened in less than three hours. Talk about service :)  We're really glad to be part of the community here and feel we can do a lot more located here.

For those of you who don't know us, you can check out for any information about the type of work we do, and of course, our Completed Films section for that exact work. Our current projects include a Quake3 Engine film entitled Divided Lands, a CGI film - QUAKE: The Movie, and of course the intro for Quake3Fortress.  

Also a special thanks to Timmac for being supportive in many un-mentionable ways through this host switching. Happy? :)

News - What is Machinima? - Gosses 

What is Machinima? Is it a movie 'watched' in a real-time or 3D Engine? Or is it a movie 'created' with a real-time or 3D Engine? One of these answers could exclude and change what we know of as Machinima. Take a Read at the new article this morning. 

News - Small Piece of Last Year - Gosses 

Definately wanted to re-post this tib-but from ZDTV's Internet Tonight featuring a special on Planetquake's Cineplex website concerning Quake Movies.  The video is in real player format and can be viewed here.   You may read and view the original article, Quake Cinema: Make it Shake, here.

I do have but one rebutttle to Internet Tonight's view on Quake Movies, and that is the fact that they called us "Extremely Bored" people and that our work is "disturbing". Oh well :)

News - Microsoft 3D Movie Maker - Gosses

I was browsing around the excite search engine (god forgive me), and the Microsoft 3D Movie Maker caught my eye.  Not because it's a #1 app, but because of the community it has developed. 

My first stop was at the main site for 3D MM Artists (Equal to the of the Machinima Communty).  Located at you can see that it's not just a program that you like for a week, then trash, but it has grown into an entire community, much like machinima, of film makers, reviewers, and fans.  

They consist of over 60 websites of dedicated movie makers using 3D MM, a section for Community News, a very detailed reviews section consisting of ratings, synopsis, and complete credits and posters for each film, of which they have over 280 in their arsenal. 

Besides this, the community comes across to be very proffessional and dedicated.  Tutorials, tips, forums, chat rooms, and daily updates make it a definate daily visit.  

Of course you have to have 3D MM to view the films, and the trial version merely allows you to explore the very basics of the movie maker, but still the community is there, and worth a check-out.  Hats off to a dedicated group of people.


News - Rainbow 6 to the Big Screen - Gosses

While I was on the topic of 3D Engine games going to the big screen, a report came in yesterday that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six will also be hitting the big screen. Read about it.

News - FPS Shooters Going to the Big Screen? - Gosses

Sin to the Big Screen

If you're a fan of Anime, that's great. If you're a fan of FPS games, that's even better, but if you combine the two, it's just cool!   In 1998, the FPS Game, Sin, was released. In 2000,  Sin - The Movie, adapted from the FPS shooter game, has been made into a high budget anime flick.  Be sure to check out the trailer at So far it's the first adaption of an FPS shooter to film that I personally know about. Download Trailer Bought?

*Note -  Did anyone realize that has been bought? Nope, not by Tritin Films, but by someone else. Hmmm...

I checked at and pulled this info on the domain title.  Below is the owner of the domain. I'll be emailing him to get more info as to why he purchased it in February.

Administrative Contact: Gooden, Gary (GAGO5) [email protected]

FPS Movie Adaptions

We all know that FPS Games have been more than popular, so why haven't they hit the big screen before this? Doom has had it's ups and downs in the script stages for years, and Quake (the daddy of them all), has hardly been talked about.  Half-Life felt like a movie just playing it, so I doubt a movie version is needed :)  But what's up with Hollywood? Why Spawn? X-Men? X-Men 2? Tomb Raider? Matrix? Matrix 2? Shaft? Robocop? Superman? Resident Evil? Batman? More Batman?  And now I hear that Sandra Bullock has been cast for Wonder Woman? We need to get one popular FPS Shooter onto the American big screen now (It'd make the biggest weekend box office hit with millions of gamers hitting it all weekend :).

Anyway, I mentioned this because Machinima started by using the 3D Engine of an FPS Shooter, Quake, and of course now it's moving on to larger things such as the Lithtech Film Producer, but let's all hope at least Doom or Quake see the theatres before they die out.

News - Mapping for Machinima - Gosses

A good article on mapping has been put together by Jeff (Playback) Goss.  The article speaks primarily on mapping for a machinima film, the do's and don'ts, and the steps to take for both the newbie and the professional.  It's a great read including exclusive pictures from several of the maps from Divided Lands and some of Tritin's other projects.

Also be sure to check yesterday's update with the Canada Computes article on Machinima.

News - Canada Computes \ HK Developments - Gosses

Canada Computes Article

I thought it'd be a good idea to post this. It was written about a month ago (March 26th) by and it's a good read on Machinima.  Interviewed are ILL-Robinson from and myself from Tritin.  It's a good read so hasten to it :) Click here to read. *Note - I'm not sure if ever posted about this article. I ran through their archives and didn't see it in any of Late March-Early April updates.

HK Developments

Also, we had in our renders section some weapon models that I forgot to give the credits on.  HK Developments over at built the weapons for their Quake3\UT mod and were kind enough to let us have them. Along with them came a great drone model that we're putting to use in Quake : The Movie.  Our hats off to HK. :)