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Donnovan - A Warrior's Life

In the 1900's...(Donnovan's History)

Donnovan is from Brazil, and he started out by releasing his first Quake II film, Cirus Life, on 4/10/98 .   Some people said it was wierd and that the story didn't make a whole lot of sense, but according to the artful mind of machinima movie reviewer Psyk at , Cirus life was in fact nothing to laugh at, but instead a movie with some quality to it.

Cirus1.jpg (8556 bytes) Cirus2.jpg (8297 bytes) Cirus3.jpg (8679 bytes)

"Some people have said (well, everyone has said) that this Cirus Life movie is a bit weird. Me? I don't agree. It's not at all weird. The plot seems to make sense to me. The mood in this is excellent, and the new model-work is equally good. - Psyk"

Psyk has reviewed literally every machinima movie or demo related with the Quake game-series that has ever been made. Giving Cirus Life an 8 on his 1\10 scale, it's a high-ranker. (There seemed to be a small error, seeing that the Donnovan website states: Cirus Life gets a 10 from PPJ a 9 from QML and a 8 from CINEPLEX)

After Cirus Life, there was Cirus Life 2, and that was even more impressive. Why? It pulled a straight 10\10 from Psyk, and with a good-sized review to add. Although Psyk lists the movies as "Cirus Life 1" and "Cirus Life 2", the Donnovan website labels the films a 'Saga' and posts them as "Cirus Life Part 1" and "Cirus Life Part 2". This is a minor difference but notable if you think they are two separate storylines.

Cirus5.jpg (8502 bytes) Cirus6.jpg (9055 bytes) Cirus7.jpg (6752 bytes)

What are the differences in opinion from the different reviewers? Well for one, Psyk emphasizes that voices are not needed in this movie, and that the movie is told reguardless of the lack of conversion. Jagged from the Cineplex however, states:

"I thought that the movie would have been much more effective had voices been used instead of text. With many of the movies today being either comedies or really thin plots, it's welcoming to have a few dramas and serious movies here and there. I would recommend this as a download, but some people might not enjoy it. - Jagged"

There are several different differences of opinion between reviewers, some are sensible, some are not, and some are quiet an interesting read if you open both sites and read the reviews for both films one after the other.  One points out bad grammar mistakes, while one does not even mention it, the Cineplex also points out that Cirus Life 2 had full voice in some scenes, while text was used in others, leading to a confusing movie. 

Questions we had for the director, Donnovan, on Cirus Life and his studio -

Q. How did you feel when you released Cirus Life? Was it a hit? A flunk?

A. When I released Cirus Life sometimes my heart was beating so fast that I talked with me "God! I will die". The label people put in was "The strangest of the Quake I/II movies". I'm agree that Cirus Life part 1, alone, is strange. But If you see part 1 and part 2 you will understand wath is going on, and at all you will agree that the movie have coerence.

Q. How long did it take to create Cirus Life?

A. Near 3 months. I done it with no organization, first I made Cloud suicide
(the final of the movie). The movie was not done form beginning to end, and
I don't made a solid plot to guide me. The plot was done during the 3 months. If you ask me for a txt of Cirus Life plot, I will don't have it !
Now I'm more organized, a lot more.

Q. How many custom models and animations were in Cirus Life Part 1 & 2.

A. Cirus Life have some new animations using male model. The strong point of the movie is the maps, the music and the drama.

Q. How many people worked on Cirus Life 1 & 2?

A. Just me.

But in the year 2000...(Donnovan's Current Projects)

...Donnovan, like every other machinima studio alive today, is readying for their Y2K release.  It's actually very exciting waiting for all the studios to release their hard work.  Donnovan, in particular, is readying for the release of "A Warrior's Life", filmed in the Quake2 engine, and from what he says, "Tons of original stuff: MAPS, SOUNDS, MUSICS, SKINS, TEXTURES , a HISTORY and MODELS ACTING".

Now "A Warrior's Life" is in it's final stages, it's set for release soon, and it's size estimated at 10 megs.   Although a voice pak will be released at a later date, the original film release will be using text to tell the viewer the action.

 WL1.jpg (7841 bytes) WL2.jpg (7271 bytes) WL3.jpg (8439 bytes)

This will be Donnovan's 3rd movie release, and their first new millineum attempt to impress the reviewers and fans with one of their films.  It seems every other machinima studio, including Donnovan, is set for a release either this month, or next, so we're looking forward to the future as a pretty exciting time for machinima, inspiration, and ideas stemming from the new releases themselves.

Linked are some of the music outtakes from "A Warrior's Life".

27, december, 1999: Gotas3.mp3 (312 kb)

28, november, 1999: Gotas2.mp3 (430 kb)

13, november, 1999: Gotas1.mp3 (444

 WL4.jpg (7905 bytes) WL6.jpg (9185 bytes) WL7.jpg (8077 bytes)

For more information on "A Warrior's Life", we have set up an interview with Donnonvan and Immortal, the two crew members involved with this new flick. 

Questions we had for Immortal on "A Warrior's Life"

Q. What exactly have you done to contribute to "A Warrior's Life"?

A. I collaborated with my girlfriend and my roommate to make voices for the characters. I wanted to breathe life into the characters by adding voice and talking skins. I think all quake movies need that. Call it an obsession :)

I also translated the phrases in the movie to a more 'american' feel, like how you or I would talk. Originally it had an impersonal feel.

Q. What language is the original "A Warrior's Life" in?

A.  Originally the film is in Portuguese. Donnovan himself is from Brazil.

WL7.jpg (8077 bytes) WL8.jpg (7399 bytes) WL9.jpg (7148 bytes)

Q.  How long will "A Warrior's Life" be?

Donovan says he plans on the movie being around 2 hours in length. He said he wants to keep the filesize as small as possible on release, which is why the adding of voices and extra animations didnt seem a good idea at first. Then he invented the idea of a 'Voice Pack' such as a pak1.pak with demos, skins, and voices inside of it that would nicely stack on top of the originals.  For those who wanted to download a little extra and really make the movie nice. I do not have the full film myself as of this interview, so as to filesize, we will have to see.  He is shooting for under the 10-meg mark for the 2 hour text version.  With as smooth as I am, I imagine the voice pack being no larger than another 5 or 10 :)

Comment: This sounds like it's bigger than I had thought.

Reply:  We just want to really have an impact for once on the community. Or at least make something that is a 'keeper' to people.

Q. Well Rick Jones 2 has 20 new models, 55 model directories, and over 10,000 frames of custom animation. Can you beat that?

A.  WOW. Thats many many hours of love and dedication, and if every frame has been hand edited you know they are pushing the limits to dazzle the audience yet again.  I think they are two different categories in themselves. A Warriors Life is a strong drama (YES! Its possible in a qmovie! heh) and Rick Jones 2 is a fast comedy in the likes and tradition of pulp fiction.

WLNEW.jpg (7558 bytes) WL10.jpg (7867 bytes) WL11.jpg (7875 bytes)

Q. Seeing that the Quake series is the ultimiate medium for machinima right now, how do you think the Quake Movie Community will take to a "Strong Drama" instead of an action\comedy\horror film with lots of guns?

A.  How did you feel when watching the personal struggles and moral dilemmas of Cirus in a Cirus Life? Rather difficult to explain, but personally it makes me care about the main characters, what happens to them, where they end up, where they came from, who they love. It may not be for everybody but I enjoy the moral of the story especially how he manages to portray another innocent Guy vs. the World.

Q.  Estimated release date?

A. I dont know, I would guess a few months. I was just commissioned on the project little over a week ago and *phew* its been a rush! *EAT MY DRAWSTRING BOXERS, PSYK!


As we can see from what Donnovan's intentions are with "A Warrior's Life", he's striving to reach new heights.  It seems that all of the crews have their different goals that they're trying to reach in their Y2K releases.   As I see them in my own perspective, I'll list them below:

1. ILL Clan (Hardly Workin') - Striving for a first (true-toon) environment. (worthy of the cartoon network?)

2. p1mp slap productions (Rick Jones 2) - Most model animation in the history of one machinima movie.

3. Donnovan (A Warrior's Life) - Striving to create a bond between the viewer and the story character (Forrest Gump)

4. Tritin Films (Divided Lands) - Striving for the ultimate detail, story, and special effects.

5. Zarathustra (Gumbo) - Striving for secrecy so noone knows what the film is about.

WL12.jpg (8570 bytes) WL14.jpg (7471 bytes) WL15.jpg (7223 bytes)

With us right now is Donnovan to answer some questions himself about his new movie, and his studio -

Q. Can you give us a little insight as to the storyline of "A Warrior's

The movie show the quest of Julios, a farm boy, to win the battle against his demons.
Julios try to kill the voice inside him that says "You will fail, you are noting!",
And try to find the answer for the question "I have value?". In the begining Julios
just want to stay in his farm with his mother and no more. But he needs to live!
Especialy when he find hims
elf alone in the world.

Q. How do you feel "A Warrior's Life" will stand up against the other
competion such as Gumbo, Rick Jones 2, and Hardly Working, or The Castle?

AWL will stand like a very good drama movie with a lot of original material and
potential to touch the persons. We don't have much dramas machinimas in the comunity.
I think AWL will have a very good number of downloads and will make faithful fans.

          CLNEW2.jpg (8854 bytes) CIRUSNEW3.jpg (10592 bytes)

Q. How many custom models, animations, and maps\sets are in "A Warrior's

AWL uses the male and female models, have near 35 new animation frames,
15 maps and 30 musics, sounds and some new textures.

Q. How far along is the movie in development? I believe your site said 95%, but is this true?

AWL is in development for 4 months. I started it in 10, september, 1999. Now
the movie is 100% done. I worked hard in it.

Q. If true, how far away is the release date for the "A Warrior's Life"?

The release date is mid-January. Very soom.

Q. Will you continue to make more movies after "A Warrior's Life"?

I have plans to creat Do_NART Machinima movies, and make new movies in the future,
may be I start in mid-2000.

Q. Is there a way I can use the pictures on your site, and if possible,
perhaps get some fresh pics not seen yet to place with this article? A poster?

Yes, you can use the screen shots and I will send new original ones. :).

Thankyou for the oportunity