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p1mp slap productions - Rick Jones 2

In the 1900's...(PSP's History)

...there was a Machinima Group started called p1mp slap productions.  Founded by Bryan Henderson and Michael Weatherton, PSP started their first film, Rick Jones: Master Detective.   Featuring Rick Jones, Zeus, P1mp, and Jason; Rick Jones: MD ran a strong 11 minutes and revolved around an action\comedy theme. 

003.jpg (5752 bytes)

The two founders began creating the movie themselves.   Along with a other non-members who helped minorly in it's creation (and deserted them mid-stage),  Henderson and Weatherton completed RJ1 and released it on 02\16\99.    The main story-line...

"Jason (the horror character from the hollywood movies) escapes from jail and goes on a murder spree, and its up to Rick Jones and his swanky side kick, Zeus to stop him."

The film, although widely excepted as 'funny' and 'cool', was not adopted by any main-stream media but was definately in deservance of much credit to it's two creators.

Now in the year 2000...(PSP's Current Work)

...p1mp slap productions has patched a Late January release date on their all new Rick Jones 2. RJ2 co-creator Weatherton says, "Rick Jones is just a 70's cop; he does the law with style"and he's accompanied once again by Zeus, P1mp (who is a real pimp), and an all new rival, Maffia Man, leader of the evil crime syndicate that intends to hustle the town for every penny its worth.   Weathorton describes the support characters in his own way.  Zeus he says "is Rick's swanky side-kick, he's like Shaft." and P1mp as, "a pimp with some hoes."  Maffia man is obviously the villian, and the hoes? Well, heck, we'll meet them in the movie. :)

005.jpg (10980 bytes)

RJ2's info has been relatively clear.  There are file size estimations (20 megs), length estimates (20 minutes), and release date guesses (January), a poster (above), a flash trailer (here), and of course, the info coming to you fresh and clean here from the creators themselves.

007.jpg (13973 bytes)

Bryan (Crustar)Henderson fills us in with some of the info on RJ2, the storyline is definately all gangsta.

<CrustaR> Our hero, Rick Jones Master Detective finds & busts a drug warehouse & the Maffia Guy gets pissed.
Tritin|Wreck> So now the maffia guy is taking the town for all it's money?
<CrustaR> yup =)
<CrustaR> jones gets pissed off and goes after him
<CrustaR> and mafia man will stop at nothing to succeed
<CrustaR> hahah
<CrustaR> sorry, inside movie joke =)
<Tritin|Wreck> So we have a bust, a ticked off gansta who then takes the town for it's value, Jones goes after him and it's all hiades from there on?
<CrustaR> yup
<CrustaR> it will have some of the classic cop stuff
<Tritin|Wreck> How many new models and animations are in RJ2?
<CrustaR> oh god
<CrustaR> I have about 55 model directories
<CrustaR> but a lot of them are duplicate models w/different animations
<CrustaR> so
<CrustaR> ~20 new models
<CrustaR> over 10,000 new frames of animation

008.jpg (13723 bytes)

From his above statements it looks like RJ2 will have a record breaking high in custom models and animations. Hopefully we'll see PSP hit the mainstream media yet.  We're expecting a rough match between several of the other films coming from different machinima groups, and this one looks like it'll be killer for hot action scenes and movement.

009.jpg (16356 bytes)

Bryan'Crustar' Henderson:
Map Dood, Animator, & Overall Project Producer

Michael'Nefarious' Weatherton:
Modeler, Webmaster & Artist