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Sudden Death Productions - For Da Love 'o" Da Women"

In the 1900's...(Sudden Death's History)

Sudden Death Productions has no history other then when it was started in February of 1999.  They have no past films, and consist of two crew members, Leo Lucien and Michael Ciancia.  They began production of their first and current film, For Da Love 'o' Da Women in February of 1999.  Now being a solid year in production, the crew has stated that they are positive that their film will leave a huge impact in machinima history. 

love01.jpg (20051 bytes)

The movie revolves around a comidiac setting.  Reworking every line in the script several times to make them more funny and clever, they're sure of themselves to release the funniest machinima comedy ever.   The characters in the story are named after the creators themselves, Leo and Michael.  Talking with Leo, we grabbed the storyline info from the film -

"Two boys, Leo & Michael are the most popular boys in their school and with this they have every thing they want ie the women. Then a new student joins the college and mysteriously is able to steal the lime light (their popularity with the ladies) from them.  Both boys must then fight to earn their fame with the women back, and it proves tricky."

love002.jpg (19936 bytes)

also the storyline from their own site -

"It's an Action\Comedy based in a mixture of Quake world and the real world.
Two all time popular boys, Leo and Michael live a more than satisfactory life of friends, laughs, and women. In fact they're swimming in women. They're the kinda guys who can get any woman they want (I think that qualifies a for more than a satisfactory life. If u don't think so your probably gay and should have no interest in this film). But this all becomes paradise lost when there is a mysterious addition to the students of QuakeWorld High who seems to be faring much better with the women than Leo and Michael. This luxurious way of life is at threat for the boys but the consequences of "the new guy's" actions become graver as they discover he has more sinister plans in mind."

love003.jpg (16597 bytes)

The storyline sounds like a trip and a winner, so we're hoping to see a good flick come of this.  The movie has an estimated running time of 1 hour and 30 minutes, although this figure may change before the release time.  The estimate file size and release date was left uncommented on due to sketchy details in production. 

Other than what we've written, there isn't much to know about this film. It's a comedy, it's got two guys named Leo and Michael, it's about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the size and release date are a mystery.  The models have either been downloaded from the net, or custom made, some custom animations are expected, but mostly this film is about laughter, so don't expect special effects. Expect excellent maps and lots of funny lines. ;)

love004.jpg (19357 bytes)