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Tyrann's Nevermore
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February 3rd, 2005 - Moving On

After five years on PlanetQuake, I've got myself some new hosting. You can find my new site at:

I intend to leave this content here as an archive for as long and the good folks at PlanetQuake will keep it. Thanks for the service over the last five years.

September 26, 2004

What an eventful month. First one of my hard drives died, which just happens to be the one containing most of my work. Luckily I had a backup of all my mapping which was only a few weeks old, so I didn't lose much of that. I just lost a whole lot of time while I re-configured all the basic services on that PC. What a pain - I want my RAID back 8).

On top of that, a couple of weeks ago I moved into my new house. Actually, I'm quite suprised at how easy that was. I feel like I'm all settled in already.

I've also had another burst of creativity and done some work on my map for the slow moving project that Tronyn, R.P.G. and myself are working on. Necros was helping out too, but he seems to have bowed out. He did kindly leave his unfinished work though, and Tronyn thinks he can turn it into something nice.

Minor site update - I added information about my Coagula map to the maps page (including source).

August 29, 2004

More fixes to TyrQuake. This version fixes a problem with sound that I accidently introduced in the last version and properly remembers the default vidmode (I broke that a long time back). Non-standard sized console backgrounds should also now look correct.

August 13, 2004

Another version of TyrQuake uploaded - there shouldn't be any behaviour changes in this one, just some code re-organisation. I've been playing with the net code a bit, so I hope I haven't broken anything. Oh, and I changed the version number scheme to something a bit more sensible. At least it fits better on the space in the corner of the console now.

July 31, 2004

It turns out that I stuffed up that fix I included in the last TyrQuake version. A new version has been uploaded that works correctly. I also made a small optimisation to make maps with lots of lightmaps load a little bit faster in GLQuake. I did that for Menkalinan, which is a really cool (and large) map - go play it.

July 29, 2004

Well, I'd be suprised if anyone still checks this page, but I've uploaded a new version of TyrQuake with a fix for a fairly obscure crash - thanks to Morfans for describing a way to reproduce it on func_msgboard:

"There is indeed a bug in e2m2 whereby if you shoot one button and then bunnyhop across the gap the trigger inside the door will hang quake if you are on easy skill..."

I may end up being around for a little more Quake stuff now, but the next few weeks will tell. Life is unpredictable.

December 21, 2003

A new version of TyrLite has been uploaded. Just minor tweaks - raised some limits on texture and lightmap sizes. Mostly just source cleanups. Actually, Bengt has been getting ahead of me a bit with his light util work, so I'll be looking at some of the stuff he's done for inclusion in future versions.

I actually have some holidays coming up after Christmas, so I hope to get some time to finish up a few things I was working on for TyrQuake, getting my (currently very broken) development environment into a workable state and maybe even do some mapping (how novel!)

August 23, 2003

Well, the Coagula Contest 2 pack finally got released, so there's finally a new map of mine out there for you to play. The folks over at the Speed Demos Archive have even started collecting demos of speedruns on the maps. It's the first time one of my maps has been given the treatment and I must say, it's pretty cool to watch.

TyrCoag - Outside In

I had hoped to upload an update to TyrLite this update, but I've been too busy to finish it off. I know a couple of people were waiting for this - sorry, maybe next time.

July 12, 2003

QExpo 2003 is now on and there's tons of interesting Quake stuff happening all this week over at the site, so go and take a look.

The Coagula contest is nearly over and I've now submitted my entry and put together a quick start map to tie the pak together. Watch the QExpo site and Underworldfan's booth for the release.

Also, a new version of TyrQuake is available from the engine page. This fixes a visual corruption bug with some larger maps.

June 7, 2003

Well, the Coagula contest deadline got moved forward to co-incide with the upcoming Quake Expo, so you won't see my finished map until then. I'm not sure how the project with Tronyn and Necros will go - there's still a lot to organise for that. I'm skeptical of whether it will get done in time.

Since I already let a couple of others know about it, I suppose it's ready enough for general release - TyrQuake. It's my modified quake engine I've been toying with for a while. There's nothing terribly exciting really, the changes are all quite minimal. It's mostly an exercise to practise my coding and fix a few bugs as I find them. There's a new link up the top of the page for the engine that will be there from now on.

I decided to release the source files to my previous maps, so you can now find them at the bottom of the maps page. Enjoy.

March 10, 2003 - Coagula

Over on QMap func_msgboard someone started another Coagula contest. The idea is to make a map that is floating in the void, in the style of Elek's Coagula series. Here's a couple of screenshots from my forthcoming entry:

Coagula Map - preview screenshot 1 Coagula Map - preview screenshot 2

The angle on these shots doesn't show too much, because there's a bunch of unfinished brushwork just above. r_speeds are likely to be quite high (> 1000 in a few places). Working with the old e1m5 textures is fun though 8).

Little else happening right now... too much work.

February 1, 2003 - A Picture is worth 1000 words

Here's a screenshot of something that I've been working on. It's got a long way to go before it's complete, but what's there I'm pretty happy with.

Something wicked this way comes... - preview screenshot

There's been another move for QMap - this time to a new replacement coded by Metlslime - "func_msgboard". I think that's the last move we'll need for a while, though I'm not sure what's going to happen when Peej returns...

Other than that, I've been having lots of fun playing with my new laptop that I got about a month ago - it's very compact and light (~1.1kg) and thus very easy for me to carry around. And it can even play GLQuake decently too; my other (heavy) laptop can't.

November 22, 2002 - Marching On

Just a few little bits worth mentioning this month. Some talk has begun around another Quake Expo in 2003 - follow the discussion here if you're interested in contributing. The medieval project I mentioned previously will probably get released as a part of this - yes, we're all taking it really slow and not pressuring ourselves too much.

QMap died - in case you missed the transition, we've all moved here for now since Peej is away on holidays and there's nobody to reload the old database. The new site isn't quite complete, but most things work, so it's a good alternative for now.

And finally, Super Mario Sunshine is proving to be great fun!

October 27, 2002 - Oops!

Looks like I messed up in the qbsp version I last uploaded. There was a minor error in which caused it to detect non-convex faces where there were in fact none. Fixed version is now uploaded as v1.76-tyr3, available on the utils page.

October 19, 2002 - Loose Ends

It's been brought to my attention that the last copy of TyrLite I uploaded was compiled using i686 instructions so it was unusable on any processors earlier than PII/Celerons. I've uploaded a recompiled version now that should work on pretty much any processor >= i386. I also uploaded the last version of TreeQbsp that I worked on, since work on that has stopped for now.

Two months since the last update and that's all that's happened? That sucks. Actually, I have started work on some medieval stuff for a joint project that Tronyn, Necros and I are thinking about; but nothing's guaranteed to come from that yet.

August 18, 2002 - Transitions

Ah, it's been a pretty hectic month with lots of (real life) changes. The biggest change is that now I am working full time, which is taking a little getting used to. It takes a while to get used to having to go to bed by midnight each night, since I'd gotten quite used to staying up till 3am most nights of the week. I could make it through when only working two or three days, but not five in a row on a regular basis.

I've been playing a couple of games too. I picked up a copy of GTA III for my PC and had loads of fun playing that. Lots of varied and interesting missions and a wonderfully free and interactive playing environment. Also picked up a copy of Morrowind which was quite nice. Miles of beatiful landscape, some really nice architecture in places and a storyline with enormous scope and freedom. I might take a look at the mapping tools included sometime, but I suspect it's mostly a bit of landscaping and placing prefabs to suit.

Almost no Quake stuff happening right now, since I usually feel completely drained of energy by the time I get home from work. I have done a small amount of work on my engine, but still nothing too exciting there yet. Somebody is going to scream at me, but I've decided to scrap the idbase map I'd been working on for a while and start again. I will be reusing parts of what I've done, but I'll be very careful about doing stuff to confuse the compiler this time =). Hmmm, yes I still haven't fixed qbsp =(.

July 6, 2002 - Dark Ritual Released

Alright, I finally got it done. That texture work was a real pain but once I got the last part done, everything just clicked. Some last minute changes to the item placement seem to have improved the gameplay a bit too, so altogether I'm quite happy.

Dark Ritual - screenshot

For those who don't know yet, it's a deathmatch map for Quake. Best suits around 2-8 players. Get yourself a copy from here (383 KB). Now, where did I put that single player map...

July 4, 2002 - *Cough*

Due to an extremely busy week at work followed by a bout of the flu, the map isn't done yet.

I need to modify some of the textures a bit to give it that finishing touch that it needs. I suck very badly at this, so it's very time consuming trying to get it right. I should have most of this weekend free to work on it so just maybe... soon.