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Welcome to Ultimate Deathmatch Mod for Quake

First released on April 30, 2002 on Botarea51

You'll never be bored again!

700+ downloads and 16000+ hits!     :)

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Thanks to rocketman at Rocketland Mod  for former server hosting!   :D
Special thanks to James West for beta testing the server.

V2.10 Development News:
       April 9:  We've moved! Join us at our new home at Quake Dev.  Come and join the discussion board!   A new version of Ultimate Deathmatch companion is comming soon with md3 support and more. The new home may not work out. So, i'm going to leave this site intact.

      April 2, 2005:    WOW!!!!!!  I got on mod of the week!  :)    Didn't notice until now. It's nice to get an award after nearly three years in development.  Check it out at planetquake.    Will put up that paypal thing on our new site, when I get off my lazy ass.   I'll be uploading the v2.00 patches to fileplanet soon. We've moved to our new home at Quake Dev.

       March 28, 2005:   FTE server problems were causing it to take up 82%-92% of cpu time. So, rocketman had to take it down. It should be backup in the next few months. TF mode now has sniper/medic, engineer, solider, scout, beastmaster, tracker, and demolitions expert. I have three more class slots available. Polishing the designs for matchmenu and admin menus. The mod has become this complex and massive peice of code. It's taking longer and longer to do most tasks.

        February 17, 2005:  I'v managed to fix the bot connect over player bug thanks to rocketman's code. 'matchmenu' is now available. Supports frag limits, damage limits(my idea), last man standing, and timed matches. All limits are adjustable through the menu and countdown shown with end pause. Engineers in teamfortress mode now have a 90% chance to disable mines on touch. If they fail, the mine will explode. They can now track mines with 'trackx'. Zone control points unreal style are now supported in map egypt2.  Bot reaction time var is accessable through 'botmenu' or 'cmd aispeed x'. You can set precise aispeed to your needs. Picking class at classmenu will send "exec class.cfg" to your client. In teamfortress mode, it stuffs "exec classname.cfg" to your client. Mod now supports three different types of maps:  normal dm, combat arena, and teamfortress(style) using runes as powers/special abilities.

UD200   Check out the fileplanet link for a version of the mod.

My thanks to planetquake for hosting this mod!  :)