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Featuring in-depth map reviews written by Underworldfan and Tronyn. [Currently 204 total map reviews].
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QUAKE. 2 new map reviews.  posted: 6th September 2008  

Today we have two new reviews, including an impressive first map release for mapping newcomer Sidhe:

Dorghael Arhlannen (by Sidhe)
SpaceHulk 256 Brush Map (by Ijed)

Also, i have decided to take a temporary break from running and updating this site. However please note this is only a temp break, barring earthquakes, acts of god (im an atheist) or other unexpected causes of an untimely demise, i will definitely be returning to keep reviewing all the new Q1SP maps at some point (not sure when) in the future. Have fun playing and mapping for quake and make some epic new maps for me to review when i get back. ;)

QUAKE. 2 new map reviews.  posted: 4th September 2008  

Today we have two brand new reviews for 2 new maps released by experienced mapper of excellence Necros (2 gold medals and counting):

"The Living End"
"Elder World Waystation"

"The Living End" in particular is an excellent map and once again showcases Necros Trademark originality, the map enters the Q1SP Hall of Fame 2 at position number 10.

QUAKE. 3 new reviews.  posted: 17th August 2008

Tronyn has submitted 3 more reviews for new maps:

The Parallel Worlds (by digs)
E2M5 remix (by rj)
Explore or Die (by Speedy)

This takes the total number of map reviews at this site to 200. Also, the top 10 lists of maps are still being posted for the next few days during Quake Expo 2008, check the links below.

QUAKE. Quake Expo 2008 open / Tronyn's Top 10 Lists.  posted: 15th August 2008

Quake Expo 2008 starts today, check out the Quake Expo site and all the booths at:

And I have Tronyn to thank for a lot of excellent new content. Tronyn has compiled 4 Top 10 Lists of his favorite Q1SP Maps, split by four themes: Base, Medieval, Runic, Elder World.
I will be publishing 1 top 10 list each day of Quake Expo: so the first Top 10 Ranking is posted today.

Quake Expo 2008 Articles by Tronyn

Day 1 Article: Top 10 Base Maps. 08/15/2008.
Day 2 Article: Top 10 Medieval Maps. 08/16/2008.
Day 3 Article: Top 10 Runic Maps. 08/17/2008.
Day 6 Article: Top 10 Elder World Maps. 08/20/2008.

Interview with Shambler.  posted: 27th June 2008

Legendary map reviewer Shambler had a talk with equally legendary map author Tronyn, theres a lot of good questions and answers, so have a look at the result: Interview with Shambler

QUAKE. 2 new reviews.  posted: 30th May 2008

Two brand new and very different types of base map reviewed, one based on the classic look of Doom 3, the other featuring a not-so-classic look:

Ruined Nation (by Distrans)
Laboratory X (by Orl)

edit: Previously reviewed maps added to Hall of Fame 2: Slave To A Machine (by RickyT23)

QUAKE. 2 new reviews.  posted: 24th May 2008

Tronyn has come up with the goods again and contributed 2 more reviews for new maps:

Katagean Redoubt (by Simulacrum)
Freaky Base (by Trinca)

Also, remember to bookmark and visit Func_Msgboard which is currently and has been for a while the major focus point for quake 1 mapping discussion, feedback on building maps, and screenshots & previews of upcoming releases. In addition, Tronyn recently conducted an interview with Shambler which I will post soon.

QUAKE. 4 new reviews.  posted: 11th May 2008

Haven't updated for a while, but im still here. Various maps haven been released since my last update, and four new reviews are posted today which covers most of the latest levels. All the 4 reviews posted today have been written and scored by Tronyn, so big thanks go to him.

I should also mention the excellent Quoth Part 2 by Kell was made available for download a while ago. This is a base-oriented update for the superb Quoth expansion and i will be reviewing it soon. Finally, an experimental map (with no normal monsters) called "Cogs Of Conflict" was released by Speeds, you can read opinions and ideas about it at Func_Msgboard.

Fort Ratsack (by biff_debris)
Slave To A Machine (by RickyT23)
Lair of the Dragon Ogre (by DeathMethod)
Tower of Dal Gurak (by Spy)

QUAKE. 2 new reviews.  posted: 24th February 2008

Zerstorer is a truly classic map pack which still inspires both players and other map designers to this day, and is ranked as the number 3 episode on the Q1SP Hall of Fame page. 4 turtle maps have been released based on the Zerstorer theme and Tronyn has compiled a review for this pack. Also, I have written a review for a new map by LTH.

Forwards Compatible (by LTH)
Zerstorer turtle map Pack (various)

QUAKE. 4 new reviews.  posted: 6th January 2008

A bumper bundle of four new map reviews are posted today. Custom base map seems to be the main theme today, but Kell opts for something different with a traditional metal themed map. Ricky's "the hand" shows clear progress in mapping, and is the pick of the bunch.

sickbase (by RickyT23)
Distractions (by Mikko Sandt)
(Dont Bite) The Hand That Feeds You(by RickyT23)
I Pity Thee Not (by Kell)

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