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NEWS ARCHIVE 2: 1 January 2003 - 30 June 2003

QUAKE. Source of Power [AguirRe re-release] reviewed.   posted: 09:10 24th June 2003

AguirRe has re-released a 1999 Quake 1 episode "Source of Power" [orginally mapped by Graham Davis] , fixing it to be playable in GLQuake and custom Quake 1 engines and generally tidying it up. Read the full details and the full review here.

QUAKE. Twisted Fate, GunCotton reviewed.   posted: 19:10 15th June 2003

There has been another release from the prolific map maker Kona. This one is a smallish pack featuring 2 small/medium sized levels, its called GunCotton, and it has lots of mean modified grunts in it who want to gib you into bloody bits. ;) Furthermore, another map has been quickly released by Chainer, to follow his Dead Cell from 2 weeks ago. This one is called "Twisted Fate", and is bigger, harder and kind of old-skool. Read my reviews for both of these releases here.
I also thought i would mention that over at the SDA they have a reworked version of Id's original dm1 map called dm1sp that is being used for their latest speedrunning contest. It got 26 monsters and although not really worth a review, is fun for a quick blast of gibbing goodness.

QUAKE. Dead Cell reviewed.   posted: 17:20 30th May 2003

A new, small, Quake 1 map, sent to me via email by the author himself is reviewed right here. Also, i assume most people know this already, but fileplanet automatically keeps track of how many downloads your map has had, if you are the author of the map and interested in knowing. :)

QUAKE. Q1SP Hall of Fame update.   posted: 19:30 15th May 2003

I have got round to doing something that i have been meaning to do for a while, namely providing download links for all the maps and episodes in the Q1SP Hall of Fame. Just click on a map name to download it. Most of the links are either from the idgames2 mirror at or from fileplanet. These are two of the more reliable and longer-lasting websites on the Internet, so hopefully the links should be good for a while ;). Some of the more *obscure* maps have links to other sites, eventually i will probably upload all of these onto my directory at fileplanet as well. I have done this already with a few maps that i couldn't find links for.

The only episode not available for download is the Abyss of Pandemonium Total Conversion, as i am not entirely sure of the legality of me providing a free download for it. I know it was once a commercial product, although i have a feeling that it then was released as a free download relatively recently. If anyone can fill me in on this, go ahead and email me.

QUAKE. matsp2 reviewed.   posted: 12:20 4th May 2003

I have posted a review for another new Quake 1 map, matsp2. This map was released a few days ago at MaTi's polish quake 1 website. [thanx to AguiRe for letting me know].

QUAKE. Industri reviewed.   posted: 12:15 2nd May 2003

"Industri" features the first public-released Q1SP maps that are based on the custom Tenebrae graphics engine. Go and read the review here, look at the screenshots, and prepare to get even more excited about Doom 3 than you already are.

QUAKE. 2 more Q1SP reviews.   posted: 11:00 25th April 2003

Necros has released two new Q1SP maps, both small but neat base levels that were originally built in 2000. The reviews for both of these maps can be found here.

QUAKE. Frying Obstacles Reviewed.   posted: 21:30 14th April 2003

Hrimfaxi's new, large, Q1SP map,"Frying Obstacles"has just been released, and turns out to be a great map. Go to the review for the details and download.

QUAKE. [Hall of Fame] 2 Reviews.   posted: 17:00 7th April 2003

Two more Q1SP "Hall of Fame" maps have been reviewed, again at the request of the Author, in this case Necros. Go here to find reviews for "The Emptiness without" and "Once upon Atrocity".

SITE UPDATE : New South Park Gallery.   posted: 22:30 24th March 2003

I have added a page which allows you to create (via another site) and then submit to me pictures of yourself in the style of the hilarious, funny, rude, (etc, etc) TV cartoon phenomena that we all know as *South Park*. Go to the South Park Gallery page, and check out the pictures so far and the details, and then send me a picture. This is just for some fun, which i think we all need in these somewhat troubled and serious times.
UPDATE: Added Hrimfaxi, 03/25/2003.
UPDATE: Added Morfans, 03/26/2003.
UPDATE: 5 more pics added, 03/29/2003.
UPDATE: 2 more pics added, 04/09/2003.
UPDATE: Added Daz, 04/15/2003.
UPDATE: Added Gib, 04/23/2003.

QUAKE : HellBridge and Rune Run reviewed.   posted: 21:10 11th March 2003

Two more new Q1SP maps reviewed for you, "HellBridge", which comes all the way from *Russia* via the mapping talents of Pulsar, whose website can be found here and also a smaller map,"Rune Run".

QUAKE : New Page for the DMSP2 mod.   posted: 08:30 9th March 2003

I have added a new page for the excellent DMSP2 mod, this mod lets you play any DeathMatch [DM] map in single player mode. Go to my "DMSP2 page" for all the details, including how to submit your fastest times for a selection of hand-picked maps. I hope by setting up this page more people get a chance to play this incredibly fun mod.
UPDATE: added times by Leviathan and FragBait, 03/17/2003.

QUAKE & CUBE: Brainstorm architecture & Monster Machine.   posted: 22:20 2nd March 2003

Two Episodes reviewed: the first is for Quake, its still in progress, consists of (currently) 7 maps and is called "brainstorm architecture". The second is for Cube, has 5 maps and goes by the title of "Monster Machine". Monster Machine is a real step forward for Cube SP mapping in general, showing what is possible with the Cube engine. These reviews have kept me busy, but i should also mention the Coagula Contest 2 for Quake deadline is now just 12 days away. That's it for now, have fun playing these maps and reading my reviews (you do always do both right?) :P.

QUAKE: [Hall of Fame] 2 Reviews, New Quake 1 Bestiary.   posted: 18:30 21st February 2003

A while ago i got an email from esteemed Q1SP mapper Tronyn. Sometime in the lost midsts of time (last year) he released a massive Conversion for Quake called "Soul of Evil". Anyway in the email he sent me his Top 10 maps and episodes, and as a final note he wondered if i could do a review of the previously mentioned Soul of Evil. And so i did, and so here is my full review of "Soul of Evil". In addition, i also have posted a review of Kell's 5 map pack "Contract Revoked" for good measure (this was also originally released last year). Both episodes stand as superb examples of Q1SP custom mapping, both are medieval in style as well, although they approach the medieval theme in different ways.

Finally i have added a whole new section to the site which is a Bestiary of Quake 1 Monsters. Check it out. Its presented in a slightly different style to the rest of the site, and i adopted a form of "literary" approach, looking at the monsters origins and characteristics. If you have any information to add, especially regarding any additions, corrections or updates to mods/Conversions that use modified or new Enemies, please email me. My final aim is for it to be a reasonably comprehensive and accurate page.

QUAKE: Gravy Trail reviewed.   posted: 18:00 4th February 2003

From Madfox comes his first ever Q1SP map! Gravy Trail awaits you, and even more scarily, so does my review.

SITE UPDATE: new menu, screenshot viewer.   posted: 18:00 27th January 2003

I have added two small *upgrades* to the site. The first is a new menu, [see top-left corner of this page]. The second is a screenshot slideshow/viewer [see lower-left corner of this page]. The screenshot viewer cycles through a series of screenshots from some of the best of the recently reviewed maps at this site. If you click on the screenshot you will be taken to my review for that map.

CUBE: sm07 reviewed, Death Illustrated Article.   posted: 23:10 26th January 2003

I have reviewed the results (3 maps) of another Cube speedmapping session, "Speedmap pack 7". I have also put up an analysis of the Death Illustrated Conversion for Cube, this is placed here in the articles & opinion section as its not a full map review as such, rather an overview of the entire project as it currently stands. In other, completely unrelated news, the Tampa Bay Bucs stuffed the Raiders 48-21 in the Superbowl today, here in the good old USA.

CUBE: cubegames and sm06 reviewed.   posted: 23:50 8th January 2003

I have reviewed Spentron's collection of levels recently released under the title "Cubegames" and also the results (2 maps) of the latest Cube speedmapping session, "Speedmap pack 6".

QUAKE: Whisperer in Shadows reviewed.   posted: 19:30 4th January 2003

I have reviewed Starbuck's "Whisperer in Shadows". Starbuck has just opened his own mapping site and also announced he is working on another Q1SP map entitled "Trialbeck", good stuff. Check out all the details at Starbucks Stronghold.

QUAKE 1 NEWS: Coagula Mapping Contest 2!   posted: 15:00 3rd January 2003

I just realized i should probably announce this here... I am organizing and judging a Quake 1 Coagula Mapping Contest, the basic requirement is to build a Single Player "Coagula" Map. Coagula maps are maps made floating in a space void. If you want to download the first Coagula Contest to get some inspiration, ideas, make sure you understand what a coagula map is... then click this link: The deadline for submitting your entries is March 1st ,about 8 weeks time. For full details, and discussion, inspiration, help etc...go to this thread at QMAP. I will judge all the maps and encourage any Quake 1 mappers out there (past or present!) to enter; the more maps submitted the better.