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NEWS ARCHIVE 6: 1 January 2006 - 31 December 2006

QUAKE. Tronyn update.  posted: 22nd October 2006

Tronyn, my fellow map reviewer, has updated his website with an interesting post, which includes small but tantalizingly cool looking screenshots of his ongoing q1sp projects: Arcane, Unforgiven, Soul of Evil: Indian Summer. Additionally a few older/previous releases have been cleaned up & re-released with the help of technical genius/wizard Aguirre.

QUAKE. QExpo 2006 Turtlemaps reviewed.  posted: 23rd August 2006

As part of QExpo 2006, 4 turtlemap (maps made in about 1 week) were released together in a pack, the event being organized at neg1ke's Booth. Here is my review of the 4 QExpo 2006 Turtlemaps.

QUAKE. Grunt Grenadin reviewed.  posted: 27th July 2006

My final update during QExpo is another review, this time the author is Madfox, and the map is: Grunt Grenadin.

QUAKE. New Artwork Page.  posted: 25th July 2006

I have added another new page to my site: A Doom/Quake 1 Fan Artwork Gallery, if you have any artwork you want to see posted here Email Me. check out 2 pictures to begin with:

Doom/Quake 1 : [Fan Artwork.Gallery]

QUAKE. 2 new reviews.  posted: 24th July 2006

Well, i seem to have been inspired by the QExpo to update 3 days in a row! I have posted 2 new reviews for 2 new Base maps. Meanwhile at QExpo 2006 there are significant Q1SP previews/screenshots from Hrimfaxi, Travail, Headthump and Pulsar, and others as well. Back to the Reviews: Click on the links below for reviews and downloads for:

trincasp3: Underground Base
dm3rmx: The Occupied Base

QUAKE. 2 new reviews.  posted: 23rd July 2006

I've finally written up reviews for 2 maps that came out in the last 2 months, both are first time public releases for the authors. Click on the links below for reviews, scores and downloads for:

In Ovo
Orlmap Episode

QUAKE. Q1SP Hall of Fame 2 (2002-present) page added.  posted: 22nd July 2006

Check out my new Quake 1 Single Player Hall of Fame 2. This covers the time period from November 2002 to now. I thought it was a good idea to compile a Hall of Fame for some of the more recent maps. Further, I will update this new page as new maps,(which are good enough to make it) get reviewed.

This page is my choice of the best maps since November 2002, that i have reviewed at this site. This page enables a ranking of the best maps reviewed at this site to be kept. It also obviously works as a complement to the first Hall of Fame page. Between the two of them, we have listed the elite best of custom Q1SP maps made from 1996 until today.

It is important to note that the Hall of Fame 2 maps are just my personal recommendations, they have not been voted for by other people, in contrast to the original Hall of Fame.

If you have any opinions about the ranking order or maps i have chosen for this new Hall of Fame, i would be interested to hear your thoughts & comments, so Email Me.
update: I added some more of the excellent drawings of the quake monsters to the Hall of Fame pages.
update2: I updated and cleaned up the FAQ & LINKS page.

QUAKE. Quake Expo 2006 starts tomorrow.  posted: 16th July 2006

QExpo 2006 will open at 8 AM GMT on July 17, running from July 17th to July 27th. The website looks good and its 10 days long and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of Quake 1. Its cool to see the community coming together, and I hope some good Q1SP maps might be released.

As for me, i have been very busy with "stuff", but expect to see some review updates soon hopefully.

QUAKE. Ananke 17 reviewed.  posted: 30th May 2006

A quick update for a recently released map by Ankh, please go ahead and check out the review for Ananke 17.

QUAKE. 2 new maps reviewed.  posted: 26th April 2006  

2 more new maps have been released, one from new mapper Elvis, the other from experienced map designer Hrimfaxi, both maps are small but fun levels. Click on the links below for reviews and downloads for:

Hells Village
Sewage Devastation

QUAKE. 5 brand new Q1SP maps reviewed.  posted: 6th April 2006

Its been excellent to see a whole group of brand new maps for Q1SP released it the last few weeks, and this update presents 5 new map reviews, 2 by myself and 3 from Tronyn. Without further pre-amble:

review of "Egyptian Rhapsody".
review of "Teacups".
review of "Hangover Devastation".
review of "Event Horizon".
review of "Forgotten Tomb".

In additional news, after some deliberation and re-playing, i have re-scored the following maps:

Marcher Fortress by Kinn: from 20 to 19.
NightJourney v2 by Tronyn/Daz/Xenon: from 16 to 17.5.

QUAKE. maelstrom and Escape reviewed.  posted: 5th March 2006

We have two first time maps reviewed in this update. Louis Manning has utilized the nehahra engine for his first publicly released quake map: "A descent into the Maelstrom".
Trinca sticks with vanilla Q1SP for his first map: Escape.
These are both decent first maps, and its good to see new authors appearing in Q1SP mapping.