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NEWS ARCHIVE 7: 1 January 2007 - 31 December 2007

QUAKE. 2 new reviews.  posted: 19th November 2007

2 more quake creations posted for review, the first is from a relatively new mapper and is a 6 map series of "mini maps" and its called Deja Vu. The second map reviewed is a welcome return to quake 1 mapping by Fern.

By the way, according to Wikipedia "The experience of déjà vu seems to be very common; in formal studies 70% of people report having experienced it at least once. References to the experience of déjà vu are also found in literature of the past, indicating it is not a new phenomenon. It has been extremely difficult to invoke the déjà vu experience in laboratory settings, therefore making it a subject of few empirical studies." Maybe its all just a glitch in the matrix.

Deja Vu (by RickyT23)
the Grand Guignol (by Fern)

QUAKE. 1 new review.  posted: 10th November 2007

The main news today is my review of the Travail pack has been posted:

Travail(by the travail team)

The map review backlog is being looked at, and progress it being made, when I'm not being too lazy :P. I still got four files in my "to be reviewed" folder on my hard drive, they are: dejavu10, distractions, fr3nrun2 and sickbase. Tronyn is also working on a couple of these for reviews.

QUAKE. 2 new reviews.  posted: 3rd November 2007

I am currently working on a review for the excellentTravail project, but this is a huge pack so its going to take a bit of time. In the meantime Tronyn has submitted 2 more reviews for posting. The distinct and often brilliant original mapping style of Hrimfaxi gets showcased again in the review of his excellent "Breakfast at Twilight". In the 2nd review today, Trinca releases his "Wicked Base" level:

Breakfast at Twilight(by Hrimfaxi)
Wicked Base(by trinca)

edit: Started adding a link at the end of a review if a newly reviewed map/episode enters the Q1SP Hall of Fame 2.

SITE NEWS. Happy Birthday: FIVE YEARS and counting!!  posted: 1st November 2007

Its hard for me to believe, but my site has been open, reviewing quake & cube maps, and supporting the Quake 1 community for 5 years, seeing as I started the site on 1 Nov 2002.

I'm especially proud of the consistency, comprehensiveness and high quality of my site, still standing firm within the quickly changing morass of information that is the internet.

I'd like to thank Tronyn, whose excellent and numerous reviews have helped me beyond measure. Id also like to thank every quake or cube mapper for their tons of hard work, skill and pure creative talent. Without the artistry of the mappers none of this community and none of my site would be possible. To the mappers! And to 5 more years of supporting Quake 1, still the best and most influential PC computer game ever released.

QUAKE. 2 new reviews.  posted: 23rd October 2007

Theres been a fair glut of quake 1 SP maps released recently and busy real life means a map review backlog for the site. But have no fear! the reviews for all released maps will be written and posted eventually, its just a matter of when. ;) Anyway, blasting his way knee-deep through hordes of enemies and huge maps, Tronyn has contributed with two massive reviews for 2 huge map packs; theres a lot of gameplay awaiting you in the following 2 packs so peruse the reviews and downloads for:

Warp Spasm (by ijed)
Vertical Map Pack (by trinca/lurker/rudl/spirit)

QUAKE. 2 new map reviews.  posted: 9th August 2007

More new map reviews posted today, first up is a small converted DM level which should provide a short run thru, after you have played that you can move on to a larger 3-part map by recently prolific mapper JPL, who has created another Doom3 Tribute:

Pretend Best Friend (by Than)
five Rivers Land (by JPL)

QUAKE. new map reviews.  posted: 4th August 2007

2 reviews posted today, both feature some original and cool quake 1 mapping:
src: slime refinery complex (by JPL)
Q1SP Episode: Digs01-03 (9 maps) (by Digs)

Also the screenshot on the right is from 1 of 2 upcoming mapping projects by Tronyn, SOE Indian Summer. Another new map pack Tronyn is working on is the Arcanum /Arcane project. For anyone new who doesnt know the original Soul of Evil (SOE) is one of the best custom maps packs ever. For all the classic map packs from Q1SP History check out the:
Q1SP Hall of Fame.
Q1SP Hall of Fame 2

QUAKE. 2 new map reviews.  posted: 8th July 2007

I'm back with new updates to the site after a small delay. I upgraded my PC then found that my new CPU was running quake way too fast. After some investigation i replaced the drivers and now everything is working OK.
Unaffected by my CPU issues, Tronyn had written and submitted to me a review a while ago for Trinca's latest map. I finally was able to play quake 1 again and therefore i have played through Mike Woodham's latest level and written a review for that, so click for reviews and downloads for:

This Onion (by Mike Woodham)
the city of angels (by Trinca)

QUAKE. 2 new map reviews.  posted: 20th April 2007  

More new map reviews, both written by Tronyn and posted up for you today.
Firstly, Madfox continues his long and illustrious history (!) of producing varied, interesting and often virtually unique quake 1 SP maps with the cool phantom polly. Next, a fun remake of E4M4 is also up for review. Click for reviews and downloads for:

phantom: Phantom Polly
tpof: E4M4 Quoth Remake

QUAKE. 2 new map reviews.  posted: 22nd March 2007  

It's been a while, but i am happy to update the site with 2 new map reviews of recently released quake 1 SP maps. Look out for more reviews to be posted in the next few weeks. Click on the links for reviews and downloads for:

Orlmap Series 2: The first half
qshift: Quakeshift

In additional news, after some deliberation and re-playing, i have re-scored the following maps:

Grunt Grenadin by Madfox: from 14 to 15.5.