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Reviews: 27th October 2002

Game - CUBE
Map - vaterlands: vernichtung das vaterlands
by - Goetzenzar
Download - [This map is allready Included in the latest offical CUBE release,available from the cube homepage]
Overall Verdict - This is an excellent cube SP map, a huge level offering a big challenge.

This is a superb map, and will offer all players a lot of fun. The level has a really good flow and the player starts off in a small rocky cave and then progress through more caves to the temple entrance. Once inside the temple each area contains *hordes* of monsters and lots of ammo, health and armor too.

A pattern soon emerges of finding the triggers in each area, which opens up previously solid walls and forbidden areas and allows the player to move on into new and well designed zones, and the player has a real sense of moving deeper and deeper *into* the heart of an ancient temple, rather than just randomly moving through a few different rooms. Each area has a distinctive style, and also a distinctive lighting scheme. The use of colored lighting is probably the best i have seen so far in a Cube SP map, each area has its own themed color; the caves are red, another area is green, a room with 4 pillars later is cast in a blue light.

There are lots of tight mazes and passageways which provide the opportunity for close-quarters combat with ogros and hellpigs and just when you think you have got near the end, you find another carrot trigger and another area is opened up. In all, when i completed this map i found i had amassed 213 kills on skill level 3, this is the biggest map i have played in CUBE SP (at least so far!).

Let me emphasise in conclusion though, that it is not simply its size and challenge which makes this a great map, but its variety in design, structures and architecture, its excellent lighting throughout, and its good monster placement. In short, this map does pretty much everything right, and for that it gets a gold medal.

Overall Score: 19/20