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Reviews: 29th October 2002; Review 1 (please scroll down for more reviews today)

Game - CUBE
Map - test: Smokin Camels
by Goetzensar
Download - [This map is allready Included in the latest offical CUBE release,available from the cube homepage]
Overall Verdict - This is an small level, but has nice architecture and is challenging to play.

This is a small level, (26 monsters at skill level 2) which as the package file name "test" indicates, really was intended to a be a *test* for the then newly implemented Single Player game mode in Cube. Still its worthy of review and also more than worthy of a quick blast-throught to play, if you want more of a long-lasting experience try playing of some of those higher cube skill levels you have been to afraid of; skill 8, 9, 10, you know you can do it!. =)

By the way, the huge range of skill settings is one of the coolest features of cube and means nearly all players can find a skill setting suitable for them. This map feature solid architecture, but its the gameplay which makes it fun. There are a lot of "rhino" enemies in this level, rhino are the small, fast moving purple monsters armed with chainguns, and i like their speed, maybe more of the monsters in CUBE SP should move faster Aardappel?? =)

So a few ogros, lots of rhinos and some baals (the big rocket launching cyberdemon-like enemies) make this a fun gameplay experience, play it on level 10!

Overall Score: 13/20

Reviews: 29th October 2002; Review 2

Game - CUBE
Map - sp_stalingrad: stalingrad 2215
by - Pushplay
Download - [This map is allready Included in the latest offical CUBE release,available from the cube homepage]
Overall Verdict - A big map and also a tough challenge, lots of triggers and exploration!

When playing this map, i was *very* grateful for the sorely-needed and "finally-implemented" SaveGame feature in the Cube Single Player mode. This is a map you will probably die quite a few times in, before you finallly complete it. This map has rather *plain* textures and architecture, basically a series of tall buildings and streets and cars, presumably based on the name of the map, its the author's vision of Stalingrad in the year 2215!!.
Anyway underneath the basic architecture is a mean, nasty and also fun cube sp map.

In fact the somewhat bleak architecture and textures do make a change from all those cube temple maps :) But the main characteristic of this map is the large number of triggers placed strategically throughout the level, and the amount of exploration between triggers - it is not usually obvious where the new area you have just opened up by touching the trigger is! This exploration may intrigue you or frustrate you (depending on your point of view), i found it fun overall, although 1 or 2 of the triggers are maybe slightly *too* obscure.

A large mix of Cube monster (150 in total) means a lot of monster-infighting in the open spaces between buildings, which can often be the easiest way of clearing an area if the player uses this tactic to their advantage (this happened quite a lot as well in DOOM from what i can remember). Often you will find you go into an area have a harsh fight to clear it, then activate the triggers then search for a while to find the new area opened up.

This is a very good cube SP map, dont let it frustrate you too much with all the exploration required and you will enjoy the challenge it presents.

Overall Score: 17/20