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CUBE single player reviews sorted by: Date Reviewed. 

What is CUBE?
CUBE is First-Person Shoot-em-up (FPS). It is Free, and available for download from the offical homepage. It is currently (October 2002) still being continually updated with many new features. It is a brilliant achievement in terms of programming and a huge testament to the skills of its author, Wouter van Oortmerssen, also known as "Aardappel". The official homepage of CUBE is here.

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NOTE: As of September 03 i will no longer be doing Cube Map reviews, the current list will remain here as an archive.

03/02/03: mm: "Monster Machine" - Big 5 map Episode of unusual, varied maps.

01/26/03: sm07: "speedmap pack 7" - 3 SP speed maps in "hell" theme.

01/08/03: cubegames: "Cubegames" - Collection of 4 (3 reviewed) experimental maps.
01/08/03: sm06: "speedmap pack 6" - 2 SP speed maps in "alien underground" theme.

12/23/02: arena2: "Arena Infinitum" - Sequel to the "Arena Perpetual" map.
12/23/02: sm04: "speedmap pack 4" - 5 SP speed maps in "alien homeworld" style.

12/21/02: sm02: "speedmap pack 2" - 5 SP speed maps in "countryside" style.
12/21/02: pigcam: "Piglet Campaign v2" - 9 map Episode in variety of styles.

11/26/02: sp_aard1: "sp_aard1" - small test level.
11/26/02: slime: "Slime" - Medium sized, *slimy* map.
11/26/02: arena: "Arena Perpetual" - Ever-increasing gangs of monsters attack in 1 big room.

11/18/02: shadow: "shadowland" - Huge, Varied outdoors Level.
11/18/02: mmpart3: "Monster Machine Part 3" and tictac: "Tictac" - Two small maps.

11/04/02: kartoffel: "Kartoffelernte" - Medium Base Level.
11/04/02: sp_af: "Ammo Facility" - Medium-sized Base level.

10/29/02: test: "Smokin Camels" - Small but fun level.
10/29/02: sp_stalingrad: "Stalingrad 2215" - Large and long "City" level.

10/28/02: sp1-test: "Can you see the butterflies?" - Enjoyable medium temple level.
10/28/02: tta: "through the ages" - Medium temple level.
10/27/02: vaterlands: "vernichtung das vaterlands" - Huge, relentless, excellent temple level.

10/26/02: sp_infidel: "Infidel" - Medium temple level.
10/26/02: sm/dc: "Simple Mecha: Demon City" - Small Urban City Map.

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