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Reviews: 26th October 2002

Game - QUAKE
Map - sm36 : Subterranean Siege
by - Xen, Misyu, Dazerz, Vigil, Necros
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Overall Verdict - This is a very good Q1SP Base map, with excellent brushwork and architecture.

This map is the latest of the "speed chain maps", its a level made by merging together individual smaller speed maps made by the various different authors into one big map, with interconnecting areas added in between those sections. The experience of the various authors shows in this map, each section features expertly built architecture, with many interesting details added to the basic rooms, such as beams, complex girder structures and lighting fittings. Of special note here is the seamless and expertly handled mix of open rockface with base walls and ceilings, this is a good mix of organic and man-made architecture.

The map also features a good theme of blue flourescent light fittings, which is carried on as a consistent motif throughtout the level. The complex design adds to the immersion of actually being in a real base, and there is a strong vertical element too, the player can look up at many points and see a number of levels and structures above him leading up to openings in the rock and suchlike.

Gameplay is maybe not quite as good as the great base architecture, but is still highly enjoyable, skill settings are NOT supported (a small negative criticism); but it plays at a "hard skill" level anyway. There are 108 monsters spread throughout this reasonably large base, mainly tradtional base enemies; grunts, rottweilers, enforcers and also the ever-popular and excellent mega-enforcers from the "God-like" Conversion Zerstorer. =)

My overall favorite quake 1 monster, the fiend is also here but maybe a slightly greater variety of monsters would have made a bigger challenge, the lack of skill settings becomes even more noticeable at this point. Still Gameplay is still very good, with a number of exciting and well-done ambushes and set-pieces and some shamblers also appearing as the map progresses.

All the speed-chain maps (sm28, sm32) have been of a uniformly high standard so far and this one continues that tradition. Now too head off to QMAP and check out the status of sm40. =)

Overall Score: 18/20