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Reviews: 2nd May 2003

Game - QUAKE [uses Tenebrae Engine]
Map - industri: Industri 1.00 [start map + 2 maps]
by - Tigger-oN
Download - [approx 30 Mb]
Overall Verdict - the first ever custom Q1SP maps using the tenebrae engine, these maps succesfully create a unique and beautiful atmosphere.

Notes & Overview
"Industri" is an Q1SP episode that includes and is based on the custom Tenebrae graphics engine. The Tenebrae Engine incorporates such graphical effects as per-pixel lighting, stencil shadows, hi-res textures and bumpmaps. It is basically an attempt to approximate some features of the forthcoming *uber-Masterwork* [i hope] from ID software, Doom 3. Gameplay is basically unchanged form normal Q1SP. Tenebrae is a wonderful technical achievement but has much higher hardware requirements [around 1Ghz with Geforce 2], than normal Quake 1. See the relevant text files for more details and installation, etc.

Industri itself features the first completed Q1SP maps [at least, that i know of] specifically based on the Tenebrae Engine. It has a new hud/interface and some other new features too. It also uses the custom skins specifically designed for Tenebrae, which are in general very good [the hellknight and the shambler skins stand out]. Its nice to see someone having the skill, patience and imagination to actually make some SP maps using Tenebrae. Tigger also emphasizes that "Industri" is an on-going project, what we have here is [hopefully] just the first two maps of a larger episode.

q1industri01: Welcome stranger
After the start map [where you get to choose the skill level], the first map included here is a "scene-setter". Its purposely designed to gently ease the player into this new environment that the mapper has built. As such, Gameplay is quite easy; there are 20 enemies and they are only rottweilers, grunts and enforcers.

The architecture is reasonably imaginative and not too simplistic. The author avoids the use of boxy rooms and instead creates a interconnected and interesting environment. In terms of textures and lighting, this is clearly and obviously a significantly different look to "regular" Q1SP, the Tenebrae engine [just like Doom 3 does] emphasizes the use of shadows, the contrast of light and dark, to create and maintain an immersive atmosphere for the player. Thus, rather than the typical brown/green feel of Q1SP, this is more of a black/grey feel, with color more sparingly used in detailing and to provide contrast. The author has added some nice little touches like the custom "power box" switches, a flashlight which looks cool, and also the Quick save points placed around the maps which can be activated by merely touching a colored glowing panel on the wall. The architecture in this first map probably reflects the mapper getting used to the new tools and engine he is working with.

q1industri02: On the Gib Line
Architecture continues the theme of the first map, the emphasis on lighting and shadows to create atmosphere is again well done. Lighting is atmospheric without being too dark. There is the good "gib line" room which actually reminded me somewhat of some of the Quake 2 SP levels. Gameplay is more developed and challenging than the first map [i played on nightmare skill for both maps]. There is a nice Quad damage section, Ogres and HellKnights provide more of a challenge and the custom skinned shambler looks superb, a real highlight of the map and a testament to the skin and the whole engine/atmosphere.

Overall this is great stuff, its clear a lot of work has been put in to these maps, and we can but hope Tigger can produce more, bigger maps in future installments. Its always hard to be the first to try out a new engine or style, but the author has successfully pulled off this task. Hopefully more complex architecture and gameplay can be produced in future maps, based on this solid starting release.

Overall Scores:

q1industri01: Welcome stranger 15/20
q1industri02: On the Gib Line 17/20