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Reviews: 17th January 2005 [Reviewed by Tronyn]

Game - QUAKE
Map - araivo: Apinaraivo / Monkey Rage
by - Jago
Download -
Overall Verdict - distinctively themed mediumish base map.

Here's a medium sized base map with a unique texture setup: IKBase mixed with Speedy's original base texture set. The former is red, brown, green, white, and so forth, the latter almost always tan and brown, so it's interesting to see how well they fit together. One solution would've been to use only IKBase textures that fit in color-wise with the speedy set, and there are a couple of areas like that, but it seems more like the approach here was to build an IKBase map and use the other textures to complement it. It works well, looks really good. Insets and 45 degree angles are used very well, creating very 3d indoor architecture, which is highlighted by functional and sourced lighting. Good stuff.

The map isn't very difficult on normal, it starts out quite slow, almost deserted, which is a change. Coupled with some new ambient sounds, it's fairly moody near the start. An extremely well-crafted outdoor area enhances this. Strangely, I found that I was surprising the monsters, rather than they me, for the first little while. It becomes more conventional after a while, fighting enforcers, grunts, SoA's centroids (well used), and of course, some more demonic enemies, throughout the level's detailed, high-tech halls. There was a lot of health available, perhaps too much, and an imposing ending finale with Armagon himself will probably prove too easy for many players. Including a boss was a cool idea however, it just didn't quite work when I played anyway. Maybe fighting some more monsters alongside the big guy would've helped.

With an uncommon attention to detail, and a unique theme, Araivo is a good time, that had a little more potential than it fulfills.

Overall Score: 15/20