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Reviews: 2nd Sept. 05, Review 3

Game - QUAKE
Map - tris: The Rest is Silence
by - Peter Sørensen [Hrimfaxi]
Download -
Overall Verdict A very good custom q1sp experience, set in the lost chapters paradigm.

notes: To run this map you must have the 'Lost Chapters' map pack installed. Consult the readme, Hrim_sp2.txt for full details on recommended Installation.

Released at the recent August Quake Expo 2005 by Hrimfaxi, this is a map based on Kell & Necros excellent Lost chapters project. The map is decorated with Kell's Knave Textures, which i freely admit to liking very much.

The map layout is a stone castle/library type mixed with lava pools and pits in the tradition of contract revoked/lost chapters. It is not an especially large layout, but its still above medium size, and the space is well utilized with a highly interconnected layout and repeated wave of monsters spawning in sometimes in the same area, one wave after another, which leads to exciting gameplay. The map architecture is very good, including some excellent large and interesting outdoor structures: the large towers and turrets are obvious highlights of good brushwork. A good custom black starry skybox provide the dark backdrop against the brighter lava and contract revoked textures.

Monster placement is very good, an obvious highlight of the gameplay. Each monster's placement, usage and timing is well thought out. The excellent Lost Chapters custom models of Vorelings, Flying Polyp and Drole [my favorite of all the custom models with superb animation] are very well used, and compliment the standard knights/fiends/ogres and shamblers well. Monsters tend to attack in Waves and progression in difficulty is good [i played on hard skill, 160 monsters].

The start is quite tricky and in general cautious, careful gameplay picking off ogres and Hellknights from ledges above the player is the best way to proceed. Charging into rooms will probably get you killed. There was possibly slightly too much armor in the map, but overall health and ammo was well balanced. Gameplay might have been even better with more Droles, but that might just be a personal bias. :) The final showdown was good with a fight against the custom Vermis boss, a fitting end to a very good custom q1sp map.

Overall Score: 17/20