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Reviews: 9th August 2007 [Reviewed by Tronyn]

Game - QUAKE
Map - apdm3: Pretend Best Friend
by - Than
Download -

Than's DM map "Pretend Best Friend" converts well to Quake, with futuristic architecture replaced by more suitable decaying, grimy green metal and stone. The atrium floors are covered with scattered bricks and sloping brown dirt, while light reaches the rooms from uneven skylights and small green grates. It's a well-executed style, but of course it still looks like a dm map (no setpieces).

40 monsters (no skill selection) make the place feel very alive however, one thing which is possibly required by the small layout (but still nice) is that the monsters spawn in as you go, so you could be running towards an area and find monsters spawning in, forcing you to make quick decisions. This is fairly unique and interesting, as it isn't so much a series of (often obvious) ambushes but rather simply doesn't allow the player to pick off enemies as he progresses in a chosen order or at a chosen rate. With only 40 monsters, and no high level weapons, it's safe to say the map works due to well balanced gameplay; every monster is well placed and threatens the player when it spawns. Near the end tarbabies are used to amusing and excellent effect; even some of the other monster's couldn't stand the little bastards.
Overall, this is obviously a small quick blast, but it's well done and certainly worthwhile.

Overall Score: 12/20