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Vondur's War Supply

7 august 2003 - An update

• This is general update that indicates that I'm not dead. Well, as usual, nothing new on my mapping front. I'm unable to finish my qsp map. But I wanna finish it though, so maybe some aeons later you'll see it.
• As usual there is activity on the music front: I've got loads of new cds. If you interested you can take a look here. I'd like to spot long awaited Type O Negative CD. I liked it, though, it isn't that gothic as previous ones. It's more like punkish as some reviews say. But still good and supports proper TON's mood. Also, I've got two first Fear Factory CDs which I didn't have for some reason. And of course I've got bunch of minimal/experimental cds from my fave labels like 12k, Raster Noton, Ritornell, etc. So, as you can see I fed my brains properly. But alas, there is still no output ;) It seems that my work takes all my creative powers, so when I get home I can watch dvds but not to make maps. Sigh, I wish the day would be 48 hours :)
• What else... The summer is going to an end which of course is very good. The August, harbinger of the autumn has started, that brings good mood, less heat and sun, colder nights and more rains. Hopefully, the site will wear the darker clothes soon in accordance with the weather :)

19 may 2003 - The World That Summer

• At last, I was able to use my camera fullpower! I went out of the city last weekend and made tons of fotos. I've decided to use them in my site design. Thanks to almighty mastermind GomJabbar the site loads various logo pictures when reload :) Ah, and if you wanna see more pictures, you're welcome here. They aren't actual size though, I've resized them down due to their huge initial size. Enjoy!
• Ah, and there aren't many mapping news. Loaded with reallife stuff recently, but I've enjoyed E3's HL2 videos. Seems like D3 will have serious competitor, which is good :)

20 april 2003 - To breath new life into my maps...

• Thanks to zzjohnzz my maps got animated with live battles. He set up very nice events on his server: every weekend there are maps by one certain author have been playing. Last two weekends there were my maps. Of course, demos were recorded there and I've uploaded them here for your pleasure. Even my old crappy maps were resurrected :) Players were dudes who's hanging on our mapping channel #terrafusion. The pak includes 12 demos in mvd format. This means you'll need a special client to playback them. The main plus there is that you can playback demos from any player's pov. The demos are very funny to watch, especially on my last maps like uzul, zeds, etc. But even my very first map Cold Halls plays very fun with 6 players on board. I recommend using FuhQuake for playback. Get the pack itself here.

22 march 2003 - Another new map!

• I decided to use brushes I copy/pasted for Uzuldaroum to reuse in Quake 3 map. It was easy since I made the map in GTKRadiant. The map is designed for CPMA in mind and for tournaments primarily. The map titled, as you have guessed - Uzuldaroum III.

5 march 2003 - New map out of nowhere

• What? Yeah, after 8 months of silence here is a new Quake map. This is a duel map with dark and swampy feel. Inspired by Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" and dark ambient music. Enjoy!

13 february 2003 - Monthly update

• Well, another month have passed. Silence on my mapping front, but hot activity in the reallife. The most important event is that I've changed my job. Now I'll be making maps for money. Dunno how it'll turn but I hope for the better end. If you interested, the company that hired me is called Nival Interactive.
• Well, nothing to tell more apart that I've finished Unreal2 and dissapointed. The game has left the load of impressive looking screenshots in my head but not a single remembrance about funny gameplay moments. Developers concentrated on polygons and designs but not on gameplay. In result - boring game. There is no wish to re-play it. Maybe game fans will be able to create something better in terms of gameplay, will see..... Now there is only one hope left - DOOM3.

16 january 2003 - Bah! It's 2003 already!

• Yeah, time goes faster than expected ;) Anyway, from the last update nothing interesting happened. Only nervous reallife issues that exhausted me almost completely. I almost didn't map, layed couple of brushes here and there. But I played a lot though to relax a bit. You won't believe but I've got addicted to the Age of Mythology. It might sound weird, RTS aren't my cup of tea. But AoM hooked me. There is one last mission left and I want more. There is incredible sharp gfx and funny, not that fast gameplay which suits my humble RTS experience. Blame the first issue of the PC GAMER russian edition mag that appeared here. Screenshots were so tasty and score so high, I've just got magnetized to this game somehow :)
• Also I played throught the Medal of Honor: Spearhead pak. It was nice but short. And of course, I cannot live without old games like Doom, so I've got a very good Ultimate Doom add-on entitled 2002 A DOOM Odyssey and playing through it currently. Gonna write a warm feedback to the authors as I finish it. High quality work.
• So, that's it basically. Ah, if you've ever wondered what happened to my digicam and where are the photos, you can see my first experience at Pbase. The first part of the shots is my macro photo early experiments. And the second, my outdoor shots. I don't use camera outdoor too much, cuz I'm afraid it gets b0rked because of the cold (-20C average). But I hope, as spring comes, I'll make more shots and will experiment more with this rather complex camera.
• And the final note. Since the death of our beloved message board QMAP, we - mappers - didn't have a proper place to communicate. But recently metlslime has created a new board on his site. Now, we're all happy :)

29 november 2002 - Monthly update

• Now the winter is getting more cruel with every morning. Frost bites without mercy. That isn't bad though, you should already know that this is my type o weather. Anyway, past month was full of events mostly of musical direction. I've been on two much expected shows. First one called Archaic and Technology and featured such monsters of noise/experimental scene as Misery, Troum and Bad Sector. This show was excellent. I much enjoyed Misery part of it. It was its first so largscaled performance on the stage and it was a blast! And sound and video all was consistent and stylish. The sound was solid and powerful and stamped my brains in proper direction. As for the other bands, they're grands of this scene. Troum were incredible with their deep ambient as usual. And Bad Sector showed some new aspects of its style. Now rhythms and beats take place in its music which add some fresh stream. I'm looking forward to getting new Bad Sector CD.
• And yesterday here was another show of the monsters of the dark-folk scene - Death in June. That show was uber-impressive! The positive energy was flowing non-stop during the session. Douglas' warm voice held entire crowd chained to the scene. Brightest show! I'm still under impression. It's so good that we have such giants' shows here in Moscow last times. It helps to forget about grey days of the boring everyday routine and to clean up the mind from filthy and weak thoughts.
• As for the gaming front. I've dug the Heretic and now playing it for the first time! Shame on me that I still didn't play such a cult game. But on the other hand, it's so nice to play this game only now. I can dive back in time and experience this game for the first time like i'm back in 94. But of course, i use legendary Doomsday engine to make this game to look much more better than original.
• And the final note. I got sick of PQ ad system. Banners, splashscreens, fileplanet's b0rkage, spam.... I do understand that if I release something I'd get proper hype and all. But comparing this with enormous quantities of ad this hype is a drop to the sea. Besides, I don't release much these days. So, I'd rather buy my own domain than fight with ad and evil spam. Not sure how soon I'll be moving but definitely I will.

29 october 2002 - The autumn is getting darker...

• ...which is unquestionably good. The sun is like on AWOL for two weeks already which brings good mood and desire to do something creative. To help myself explore new areas of creativity I've bought a digicam. I was preparing for this purchase for quite some time now. I've read tons of reviews, users comments, etc. And in the end of my long search I've found and bought this apparatus. Can't show you any pic so far, because I've got it just yesterday. But I have plans to learn all its functions to produce good images. Be sure I'll post some of my pics here, or if my creativity will brim over I might set up a dedicated page for it.
• As for the gaming part, being affected by such a nice autumn weather I had a strong urge to play first Dungeon Keeper. This game still impresses me by its gameplay and atmosphere. Ah, and I can't wait for the Rune Gold to arrive. Initially, I was playing its localised (russian) version. I just can't stand translations made by local companies, therefore I'm getting the original game with proper voices and menus.

14 october 2002 - An Update

• Updating to tell you about my current doings. Just finished Wheel Of Time for the first time. Very nice game. Fun gameplay based on original weapons and groovy architecture in the maps. Tried UT2003. Liked it a lot, very fast and fun game. Tried to learn UED even. This editor showed me its weird sides once again. Unreal mapping is the way too complex for me :) Mapping bit by bit for Quake. There is no light in the end of the tunnel with this map. So don't expect anything in near future.

22 september 2002 - Time Gate released

• At last, Priv managed to finish this addon. A lot of sweat and blood wasted on it. Priv and BBald made gigantic efforts for everything to work and look smoothly. You can get final version from our site. Enjoy!

• As for me, I map very little. Mostly playing various games from UT2003 demo, which i liked very much, to Doom 2 and Warcraft 3. Seeking for inspiration in music and movies with a bit of luck. The weather becomes better: more clouds, colder and darker. That turns mind to work better and gives some nice ideas. I don't wanna tell you what I map currently, only because I became like superstitious: if I announce the map, i never finish it :)

31 august 2002 - Back into the concrete hell

• Yeah, just returned from the silence of the dark woods into this urban hole of gas fumes and mad crowds of insane people. No new maps, no inspiration. Need winter...

2 august 2002 - Into the woods

• I will be offline till september due to long awaited vacation. Take care.

5 july 2002 - RTCW map

• If you still wondering about the fate of that RTCW map of mine... Here it is! Thanks to Priv's efforts you can play it now. He added ai, nice details and other groovy stuff there. Proceed to The Lurking Fear site to get more info and the map itself.

3 july 2002 - New map depot

• The old Peek's site has been resurrected. Idea of this site is to post quick reviews of maps that have "at least one feature that makes it above average quality in some way". It organized by authors and there you can find reviews of maps of your humble servant :)

25 june 2002 - Quakeage

• At first I'd like to congratulate all the Quake fans with 6th birthday of their game. Yes, it's 6 years have passed since we got infected by Shub-Niggurath's poison. It's the only game for me that still looks fresh and inspiring. And turns me to play it more and more. Long live Quake!

• The Ninja has released new deathmatch map entitled Deja Vu. It's made with metal textures and all curvy and sweet. Constructed for duels primarily.

17 june 2002 - New Q1SP on the stage

• The Kell has released outstanding single player level pak for proper Quake, entitled Contract Revoked. It's full of lovecraftian atmosphere and it has impressive design and gameplay. It is a gem, go get it!

14 june 2002 - Aghast review

• ZzJohNzZ at 3AC has posted the review of my latest Quake map Aghast. Proceed there and read it, maybe that'll turn you to download this map :)

13 june 2002 - RTCW mappage

• Well, I fed up making that RTCW map. Due to lack of inspiration making reallife environment. I just got exhausted making that boring village. The same thing happened when I was making my olde Half-Life SP map. I can tell now from my experience, that reallife maps aren't my cup of tea. I feel myself like copying boring real world. And I just can't stand making boredom into the cute virtual space. That's why I fed up. Map I have made is ok and all, but every time I run it in the editor I feel sick.
Anyway, don't worry about map's fate. I gave it to Priv, he'll be finishing it. He has got proper skills to complete it, so in the end you'll get what you expected I hope :)
At this point my RTCW chapter is closed. What's amazing, now I feel myself relieved. "So, what's on your mapping front then?" you'd ask. Well, nothing. Maybe there's something but I won't tell. Only time will show.

• Here I'd like to spot newest SP pak for Unreal Tournament entitled Operation Na Pail. I'm playing through it now and I'm impressed. High quality and spectacular map design. Only thing I wish could be disabled is voices of main hero (you). They sounds cheap and pathetic. But leveldesign will turn you to forget this flaw. I recommend you to get this pak if you still love Unreal single player experience.

• On a side note, from today the site is dedicated to another Theodor Kittelsen's image «The Sea Ghost» (Draugen). I like it very much due to its dark and somewhat insane mood. The mood I'm in at the moment :)

23 may 2002 - Things

• At first, status report about my RTCW map. It's 60% done, a lot of polishing ahead. I try to use every minute of my free time to complete it. But not all this free time I'm inspired to make it, because I'm slowly losing interest in this game. The game is ok, but there is no fuel in it to ignite my inspiration at the moment.

The GomJabbar has released his Hammer Down map sequel entitled Pointless Violence. It's now all curvy and sweet and uses amazing Sock's textures. Go get it!

• On a final note, just watched DOOM III trailer. Well, it looks impressive and stuff. Everything looks impressive from the screenshots. Only final product will tell us the truth. But what pleased me most, is Trent Reznor interview. I hope that at least sounds will be good enough there ;)

6 may 2002 - VWS Prod. presents new design

• I've been trapped by Paul on IRC one day.... He forced me to make a webby for him. Here is the result of tortures. Expect yet another site to be popped around. Well, as you can see I'm still in love with CSS. All my past, present and future sites will support CSS and web standards undoubtedly. I'll try to polish my skills here and come with more interesting and fun layouts in future :) And, uhm, it seems I have to open special subsection on this site dedicated to web design. I've got pretty good portfolio :)

28 december 2001 - Dark forces of winter

• Wh00p, preparing for New Year celebration. Just bought a tree, heh, now going to get all necessary equipment for it like that shiny bulbs and garlands and other glare. Heh. These weird ritual makes me feel kinda relaxed and good. Turns me to work on my Quake map more. At this time beta testing goes with some new order. I decided to make base map's structure w/o much details, just base rooms, hallways, stairs and so on. Testers will check it for juice flow and after they got satisfied with it (which is almost done) I'll work on details and final textureset. I think this order is better since it's very possible I'll rebuild alot to make this map flow smoother in dm. So, its better not to add much details now. Anyway, I hope finish it during these free days, and after that I'll be kinda silent again because I'll start 3rd map for that company I'm working for.

17 december 2001 - Things

• Things goes smooth. Mapping for some company, made 2 maps for them already. Awaiting for Wolfie editor. And doing some random mappage for myself in free minutes. You'd ask, what game? Well, its Quake.

• Ah, and maybe a bit late, but my Logbot at #terrafusion faithfully recorded everything what was said there during long november, you could see its stats at MPQ as usual. Have fun.

26 november 2001 - RTCW and stuff

• Well, I've just finished Wolfenstein. Very impressive game! Very high detail level indeed. Nice atmosphere. Interesting gameplay due to rather good monster's AI and interesting architecture. Hopefully I'll map for it :)
TeamSHAMBLER site is closed. I do understand Shambler, his reviewing power is exhaused, that happens. I only would like to thank him for supporting Quake scene for all these years. And wish him luck in his future projects if any will appear.
• But no worries Quake fanatics, you'll find your new dimensions to fight your way in anyway! New Quake reviewing site has opened. This is TeamFERN.

20 november 2001 - PLPak released

• Our good old polish mappers have released good and polished map pak for proper Quake. You can grab it from here. This is very nice pak, all the maps (9) are good for duels and 2vs2. Definitely worth trying.

13 november 2001 - New hardware

• Got new computer. Uuuh... It's a monster indeed: Athlon XP 1800+, 256 DDR SDRAM, 40Gb Maxtor HDD, and my *old* GeForce2PRO. Now this videocard shows its power on this new machine. Everything just flies. GLQuake especially :) It's so smooth....mmmmm. Now I can play safely all the games with 1280x1024 32bpp. My dream came true... :) My bedroom looks like a secret lab now, especially if to switch all the lights off: two 19" monitors, two puter boxes, humming noise from fans, and lots of little green and red leds everywhere....

2 september 2001 - Home-coming

• Just a single note that me is back to action from holidays. From today I'll be almost every day online and reachable via usual ways. I did nothing during these holidays, had no computer around. Just pure idleness and gluttony. Will see how soon I'll be able to make something in 3D now. That screenshots on the left are getting on my nerves already :)

30 july 2001 - QEXPO and Quake scene

• Was unable to resist to write this :) QEXPO just finished. It was awesome event. It showed the truth: Quake scene is alive and even growing. I've seen new high quality maps as from the new people as from established mappers. It was amazing. It inspires and forces to look forward. Quake scene will show its power yet. I won't name certain mappers whose maps I liked most. Just proceed to QEXPO site and read the reviews yourself. Every map is unique in its style and architecture. Quake has endless possibilities in creation of completely new layouts. But I'd name one man who kept it all moving and who returned Quake single player scene from the dead, it's Shambler. Yes only thanks to his site and his endless efforts scene keeps breathing. I just wanna say that there are people who makes maps only for their pleasure and they don't give a shit if their map won't be pimped. They don't need a feedback, they're mutants. But there are people who wants to get some feedback from their work. I do understand them, such feedback is a high octane fuel for such mappers. And only Shambler's site is the filling station that left in empty Quake universe in 98/99. Shambler started it again. He provides the best support for mappers and for players doing his hard job. So I honestly want to wish him luck and keep it moving. Also I want to wish luck to mappers who still loves Quake and builds new dimensions for it. Keep on, people!
OUM has been released at last. 2 years of endless development have passed. In result we've got few highest quality maps. Very memorable pack I must say. Very impressive looks and fun gameplay. Congrats to Team OUM!

28 june 2001 - General update

• Nothing special here. I'm alive. I didn't work on any new maps, I didn't play any games. Extreme reallife issues distracted me from the internet and all this mapping and htmling. I'm not sure what I'll do in the near future in terms of mapping. Only game I'm interested is Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Yeah! And its 5th Quake's birthday! Whooo... Time flies fast indeed. So many cool things happened because of Quake...mmm.. Yeah, ok, I'll shut up better. All this remembrance isn't interesting for you. Okay, returning to me, I'm not sure when I'll update next time, but time will show.

7 june 2001 - Forget about Fileplanet

• Yes, you are free from popup windows, flash banners and other FP crap. You can grab files directly from server now. Enjoy.

6 june 2001 - Fileplanet

• Well, I think that many of you, Gamespy sites users, have noticed how many difficulties you should overpass to get a map or any other file from the Fileplanet. I am very sorry about that. I can't stand that aswell, so I'm going to copy all my files to my local storage that is So, if you're sick of getting files from the F0rkplanet just wait few days, return back and enjoy direct link to the zip file. I hope that this connection will be relatively fast.

22 may 2001 - Some activity

• Few days have passed. Various things happened here at VWS. At first, my so called spleen seems to have dissapeared for some reason. And that's good. I worked hard on some unknown weird project these days. It swallowed me up. And I'm happy with that. I'll continue to work on it for a long time yet. Also, I've made a little site for fellow mapper Card0. You can check it here. Working on it I've found some nice CSS tricks and workarounds in the net. And now I'm looking at my page' code, realising that it's kinda wrong in places, wondering if I should fix it :) Anyway, html still attracts me, thats why I suddenly agreed to make that page. Just felt an urge to make a site again. So, instead of redesigning my one I made new one for Card0.
• Ah, and I didn't work on that Serious Sam map if you wondered.

14 may 2001 - Spleen and Ideal

• Apathy. I had no any desire to map. I was looking at WC's grid with loathing. I was playing games with the same feeling. I replayed r00n once again. I stared at Quake' start map with aversion. I tried to play with bots but nearly died from boredom. Blues. I started to make yet another new page design but stopped that very soon. I tried to replay old games like Descent 3 or something like that, but nearly vomited. Everything either enraged me or drove me into the indifference. Only music kept me alive. Ah, and very cold and rainy weather yet. If there would be sunny, I wouldn't write these lines because I'd stare at monitor having just another fit of depression. BUT. It'd continued that way for uncertain amounts of time if there wouldn't be Serious Sam. Only this game kept my brains moving. And I played it every day for several times. I started to replay it on a serious skill even. But that's not all... There is an editor, you know. Initially I was scared to death trying to break it in. Engine there has absolutely another structure in comparison with good old Quake. It's kinda similar to Unreal which scared me aswell. But, being in melancholic mood I started to learn it. There is something you may look at, that is this silly screenshot on the right. I made this crap during the last 2 days, digging readmes and tutorials. It was painful. I'm not sure if there will be finished map in the end. I'm just having fun, sorta. Trying to fight damned depression.

24 april 2001 - Hardware and Software

• At last... I've got modern piece of hardware, that is Ge-Force 2 Pro. Gosh, what an ox it is! Now I can run my favorite games using 1600x1280 resolution with 32bit color depth! And all this with acceptable fps. Oh, I'm impressed. It seems I'll replay all recent games because of that :)
• Having such a wonderful equipment I can play newest games properly. So, I bought Serious Sam and played it until very late night yesterday. Heh, what a fun game. Hordes of stoopid headless freaks, fun weapons, very nice looking open areas with shootable trees and sun lens flare effect. All this makes this game rather addictive. I just was unable to stop playing it. Sometimes game situation was so fun that I laughed my ass off :) I heard that the game is quite short, dunno yet, have to finish it first. So far, I want it to be very long....
• And big thanks goes to people who mailed me with suggestions and bug reports regarding new site design.

18 april 2001 - Filing files

• Polishing goes fine. After some bug hunting, I've re-uploaded main html files, but there are some bugs left though. I hope to catch 'em soon. First feedback regarding design was rather positive, which is good of course. I've got more fuel to make things perfect :) Thanks guys. I'm going to add some things into the maps section, i.e. reviews quotes, and other little things. I'll do that as time goes by. Anyway, I'm still accepting notes and bugs coordinates.

17 april 2001 - Site' beta is here

• Whoop... If you can see this site properly, congratulations! You got proper browser. So far its in beta stage, so if you have any wishes, I'd be happy to see them. Also, any bug reports would be nice.

15 april 2001 - New design is close

• Yes, very likely that this is the last update of this page with an old design. I'm working hard to bring you the new one. For those of you who still lives in a stone age and uses 4x browsers I want to warn you that my new design WILL NOT support these old browsers AT ALL. If you don't know that your 4x browser is obsolete and doesn't supports modern standards, I'd advise you to go to the 'The Web Standards Project's BROWSER UPGRADE initiative' page and upgrade your software as soon as possible :) If you'll continue to use your good old browser, well, good luck to you, you'll be able to read the text and click some links afterall. I made my choice, I crossed the line. No more stupid tables in the code, only *standard* divs...
• Yet another review of The Castle of Koohoo has appeared on Ethereal Hell page. Check it out...

29 march 2001 - Yet another review

Ten Four has posted The Castle of Koohoo review. Check it out...

26 march 2001 - Koohoo reviews

TEAMShambler and Religion Quake have posted reviews of The Castle of Koohoo. If you don't trust these b/w screens look [see below], jump over there then. Speaking of screens, uhm, I'm workin' on a new site design again, it is very likely that screenshots will be more colourful there :)

25 march 2001 - New Quake SP map

• Yes, you can download my newest Quake Single Player map titled "The Castle Of Koohoo" from the usual place - Fileplanet.

17 march 2001 - Urge to update

• Just want to share my thoughts about the Rune. What an awesome game I must say! Everything is perfect there: from the level design to combat style. Levels are large, good looking and very atmospheric. A pity I don't know UED - I'd map for this game... What I liked the most is an attention to details. You can grab, smash, eat almost everything. All this everything is made with great love. From the mead mug to Ragnar's shiny weapons. Combat is fast and easy. I expected troubles with third person view there, but fortunately this game has the best implementation of 3PV ever. This game has the easiest weapon selection scheme also, wich is good of course. Some people could say that it might become boring with time because of not that various monsters and too repetitive maps. Well, only I could say that this game affected me almost the same as Quake did long time ago. For me this game was too short.... :)
• Couple of words about my QSP map. It's very close to finish. Only things I need to do is to finish items/monsters placement. Right after that I'll summon my faithfull testers....

28 february 2001 - New refilm

• A3! Yes! New refilm of Shambler's run on A3. He made it for 1:05 this time. NOTE: This time I used DZIP to compress this demo. Reasons:
1. it compresses better (146k instead of 180k);
2. I want to support this little CUTE util :).
If you don't have it for some weird reason, then get it from here.

23 february 2001 - New map on the anvil

• Yes, I just want to announce that I'm making QSP map currently. I'm in the middle of development already. And of course I don't know when it will be done. But I'm looking forward to finish it this spring at least. Only I can tell that it will feature little additions to progs.dat made by codemaster Mindcrime. And I won't tell you the map theme and textureset used, but it will be called "The Castle of Koohoo". So, start to wait those who interested :)

13 january 2001 - Site maintenance

• I just revised the demos section and moved old news to archives.

9 january 2001 - New recam

• I've done recam of Shambler's 0:37 speedrun on 'A Desert Dusk' map by Tronyn. This demo has some new for me reshoot techniques I learned recently. I hope you enjoy it.

5 january 2001 - How to reach pent in Zed 2?

• I'm still getting mails with this question and I got bored to answer :) I decided to upload this silly demo that shows how to get it and also how to enable single player part there.

12 december 2000 - Map update

• I've uploaded updated version of Lilith. I've added there some clips, fixed fullbright dots on one texture, fixed one clipping bug, returned cobweb back [fixed one], and the most important: I've made OMIfriendly version of the map. Grab maps from here: Lilith; and Omi friendly Lilith_o. Sorry for any inconvenience. I had to release all this 10 days ago.
• Also, Skorpion managed to create Omiroutes for the first edition of Lilith. You can get it from his site. I assume that .ent file he created will work ok and with the new version of the map since I didn't change geometry and item placement much. Try it on your risk though :)

2 december 2000 - Lilith

• Finally I managed to upload something useful for Quake people. This is a Quake duel map. It's called 'Lilith'. I'd like to apologize to Omicron bot lovers that I didn't include Omi routes. This map is far from being Omi friendly because of lava and other things. But if you need Omi friendly version of the map, mail me, I'll make it if you really need it. But who knows, maybe Skorpion will make something impossible :)

24 november 2000 - Serialisation

• I've got a note from the Strangecompany people that they have made the serialisation of The Seal of Nehahra movie in RealMovie and DivX AVI formats. There are 9 parts, each weights about: 20/25 megs for DivX and 7/10 megs for Realmovie. Its available at Machinima site.

8 november 2000 - Hidden activity

• Boo hoo hoo... I feel ashamed because of my laziness to update this site. Well, from the other side I had no any things to say here, or maybe there were ones, but I was hopelessly lazy, sorry. Anyway, now I have something for you: I announce the new Quake deathmatch map. You might be confused since I was speaking about some FAKK2 map. I stopped to make it because of lack of inspiration, sorry again. But recently, under some circumstances, such as new music, movies and other things ;) I got some power to produce a little map for good old Quake. It will be 1v1 level for fast and brutal action [I hope]. I won't tell you the release date since I'm afraid to put the evil eye on it. Anyway, if you're Quake player, you might have a habit to visit this site, so if I release the map, you'll be informed :)

6 october 2000 - Nothing

• I'm still alive though. I'm working on a new map for FAKK2 even. Not sure when I'll finish it [I wonder if I'll finish it at all]. But mappage is going easy, so don't expect any releases soon. It seems my mapping power is quite low these times.

11 september 2000 - Me back and stuff

• Good day! Finally I've returned from my summer recharging and as you can see with the new site skin. I was unable to stop myself from making it. Enjoy.
• As for new maps *so far*, sorry. I had no inspiration for some reason. But from other side I've finished KISS and now I'm playing FAKK, so I'm getting some kind of fresh mapping air last time. Heh, at least I've found one excuse of my mapping silence :]

18 august 2000 - Nehahra is OUT!!!

• Yes! We did it! Now you can proceed to our team page and download this awesome single player mod. I'm proud to be a part of it. And as other teammates, I hope you'll enjoy to play it as we enjoyed to create it. Happy hunting!
• As for my fate. Well, Vondurcon2000 has restored. I'm going back to my lovely dark forests to continue LAN and mapping merriment. I'll be back in 3 weeks if everything will be okay. Until then, take care...

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