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Vondur's War Supply

The Castle of Koohoo

Release date: 25 March 2001

Download: Fileplanet

TEAMShambler - "A level to savour for the dark vibes";
Religion Quake - "A very atmospheric map and a very worthwhile download, but the sparse combat and high exploration element may frustrate / bore some people....";
Ten Four - "Well worth downloading today";
Ethereal Hell - "This level is a definate winner"

Notes: I started making this map back in 2000, right after Nehahra. Initially I decided to make it for Nehahra, but with for that time, Nehahra engine had some things I hated much, so the map ended as map for native Quake. Since I don't know qc at all, I summoned the evil and deadly Mindcrime to help me and he knightly agreed. The map itself is rather big and has uber-swampy feel. Everything is green, moist and yet brutal, so be careful there...

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