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Vondur's War Supply

Zed II: Metalware

Release date: 22 May 2000

Download: Fileplanet

Multiplayerquake - "The theme of the map is where it really shines, the dark, repressive textures and dramatic lighting really give the map atmosphere and help to add to the feeling that this is a place where people come to die.";
Inspection - "Boom. A lot. From all angles."

Notes: As stated in readme file I blame zzjohnzz for creating this map. He forced me to make new map, and I've got an idea to add 3rd floor to zed2. He approved it and I started to make the map. Rather complex thing was selecting right texture set. I tried almost everything I have. There is man who said his last word about textureset, it's Frib. Yes, he said that penultimate textureset was dull and silly, so I searched a bit more and found the final one which he approved and here it is :)

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