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"You guyz asked for this one, Dammit! :)"

KillCreek the Romero Slayer
By Fragmaster

This is KillCreek before Quake came out.

This is KillCreek After. Cool monitor radiation glow eh?

Welp, you can't always git what you ask for, but in this case you can :) Yup, it's an interview with everybodies favorite man-beater: KillCreek! In case you don't remember, these are the scores of the KC \ Romero matches.

DM2 Killcreek, 25-19
DM3 Romero, 20-9
DM6 Killcreek, 20-12 

And if you haven't allready check out the shrine to KillCreek on IonStorm's website.

Fighting thru the awful, black sea of lag that mortals call "EFNet" I bravely stormed into IRC armed with only my crappy 26400 connection on a server that was more overloaded then the one electrical socket that the Internet is plugged into. (There's only one! sCary told me!)

FM (That's Fragmaster, cheeseeater): Hey's it going?

KC (It's KillCreek...put in a 'F' and it's Kentucky Fried Chicken tho): Going very well thanks..You caught me on a very happy day :)

FM: Why is that? Find a quarter under your couch?

KC: bahaha...well, I actually I just found out an hour ago that I got a cool job and life in general couldnt be much better right now... thats all!

FM: Oooh A Job? Where? Can you tell us? :)

KC: I dont think I can say yet.. Just keep your ears out and you will hear. It *is* Quake related!*

(Wow! The NVT has REAL news for a change! I guess it's ok to go ice skating in hell now then, eh? :) -Frags)

FM: Oh really? I'm guessing "Official Romero Butt-Kicker" at IonStorm would be the PERFECT job for you :)

KC: hahahaha Well, its not at Ion.. Although I cant argue about that being the perfect job! ;)

FM: I should of asked this first, but why don't you tell everybody that has never heard of you due to a brain tumor or something who you are and stuff?

KC: Hmmmm...Where to start... I am a 20 year old college student from Kansas who is seriously addicted to Quake. I think that sums it up! ;)

FM: Addicted enough to Quake to beat the hell out of a guy named John Romero :)

KC: Oh and I am a woman.. I guess thats something I forget to say seeing as usually when I am talking to someone its obvious..heh

FM: It wasn't obvious to Romero :) At first....

KC: Yeah I was really lucky to get the chance to play Romero. hahahahahaha yeah... I had to beat down one of his boys before they started to take me seriously.

FM:'d that big Quake Challenge go? Was there any pressure? Did you think you would win?

KC: Well, the first time I played him I thought I could win. There was some pressure and I was pretty nervous and of course I ended up losing that time! Well, in this last rematch I went in much more confident. I hadnt really gotten to practice for it much, but for some reason i was much calmer. I must admit, there was much less screaming and taunting in the rematch -- I think we were both more focused :)

FM: Isn't kinda sad that the only Level Romero beat you on he designed? :)

KC: Well, I think there are so many factors that lead to that.. I dont think its necarily because he designed it. I think it has everything to do with our styles. I have *never* been very good on dm3 because I am an agressive played and dont like long distance battles and running and such. I love dm2 because its so in your face, you have to fight in close quarters. However, his style is very effective on dm3.

FM: Dm2 is the level you made "The Comeback" on right? Was Romero surprised?

KC: Oh wow.. *I* was surprised. I was sitting there and realized I was losing 15-3 on a level I knew I could destroy him on, and I started thinking about how much it would suck to lose and all the taunting.. I think that came down to sheer determination :) I got mad and decided to comeback, and I think it shocked everyone!

FM: Yeah...what would happen to you if you lost? What was your side of the bet?

If I would have lost I would have had to make a shrine to Romero just as he did for me. However, I cant imagine that it would have ended there! I try not to think about that ;)

FM: What do you think of the Shrine on the IonStorm Page? :)

KC: The shrine is hilarious.. Oh man, if nothing else that proves that Romero is a man of his word. He and Shadow didnt hold back with the shrine. I laughed so hard I cried when I saw that thing! Hes a very funny guy :) I think its cool he was willing to do that.

FM: I hafta ask this question since i'm on PlanetQuake :) What do you think of the CrackWhores? Think U could beat 'em? :)

KC: Yeah I definately think I could beat them. In a way they amuse me, and in a way they annoy me ya know? :) I mean, there are lots of respectable women out there that play Quake and deserve attention for that! From what I have seen, they are decent but I know quite a few female quakers that could beat them.

FM: So, they're kinda like the Howard Stern of Female Quakers you think then? All talk, no action? (So to speak...)

KC: hahahahaha... yeah in a way. I prefer women that can prove their skill!

FM: Oh...BTW I forgot to point out that you where the most requested Interview suggestion in the contest I just had. :)

KC: Thats so weird to me...I just play quake :)

FM: What games do you like besides Quake?

KC: Well, Quake certainly occupies a *most* of my gaming time. I started out on Doom II and still play that once and a while when I feel nostalgic :) I also really enjoy some of the strategy games like Master of Orion. I have been trying to stay away from new games since I get so addicted to them ;)

FM: Why do you think Quake is so damn popular?

KC: Well, I think in a way its almost like a sport to many people. Its a chance for people to prove their skills against thousands of other quakers. Its also a nice way to meet people as I have learned and I think that keeps many people hooked.

FM: What websites do you follow? What's yer favorite one?

KC: Well, for a long time i was following sCarys. Hes at hipnotic now of course and cant wait for him to get started on the page there. I am sure it will be amusing as always. I always keep and eye on Bluesnews, Stomped, and PlanetQuake. sCary's has always been my favorite though :)

FM: Why the name KillCreek? My guess is that as a child you assaulted various bodies of water am I right? :)

KC: Actually, KillCreek is my favorite local band and also a creek near where i grew up. Little did i know when I picked the name I would be so attached to it by now :)

FM: Lady Zeus has mentioned in some of her articles about the stupid things male Quakers say to female Quakers like "U don't want to frag me, i'm a stud" or "you sound pretty...what's yer email address?" do you ever get junk like that?

KC: Yeah I get some of that and most of it is pretty amusing :) Some of the emails I get are very nice, and then again I get some disturbing ones too. Really I do like hearing from people though. However, I am happily involved with a wonderful guy. Hes very understanding about the whole situation though :)

FM: Oh gee, I think i'll ask "Who are you currently seeing?"


KC: hahahahaha

(KillCreek asked me to ask that question.... jeez.... That's why I said FIX! FIX! :)The nerve of some people, eh? :) -Frags)

KC: I am seeing Tom Mustaine, Paradox. Hes one of those crazy Hipnotic guys =)

FM: Oooh....the same Tom Mustaine who did some awesome levels for Quake Mission Pack #1?! Wow! Whatever led me to ask that question? :)

KC: Yeah thats the one :) Hahahaha... I just realized I am seeing the BSP p1mp! :)

FM: heh...Mom must be proud :) "Hey mom, meet Paradox! He's a BSP Pimp!" <SLAP!>

KC: bhahahaha =)

FM: Any truth to the report that you and Romero are getting married?

KC: Well, I had to call off the wedding with John after I met Paradox of course.. Hated to break his heart like that but it had to be done ;)

And I am sure his wife might have objected, so its all for the best! ;)

FM: Oooh ooh got a question: If you and Paradox had to deathmatch to decide the patterns on the dishs or something... and you wanted Blue Shambler and he wanted Red Lava, what pattern on your dishes would you get? :)

KC: LOL... well, thats a very good question. In fact, we havent gotten a chance to play a good deathmatch yet. I think that will be the next challenge. I think I can take him down! I guess we will see.. =)

FM: You have a T1 right to your dorm room or something don't you?

KC: Yeah I do.. Unfortunately its so overloaded that Quake is almost unplayable during reasonable hours. But man at 5 am the thing flies! :)

FM: Is there anyone who you can't beat at Quake? Even if they had a few too many MilkQuakes?

KC: Oh yeah, there are a lot of people out there with some serious talent. I think on my good days I can keep up with most of the good players though.

FM: Anything you'd like to add before we get to "Complete the Sentence?"

KC: Hi mom!

FM: Ok, I start the sentence and you finish it ok?

KC: ok =)

FM: "The best thing about beating Romero was.....

KC: ...the mail I got from other women who play Quake. Really I loved all the nice mail I got, but it makes me so happy when I get mail from other female Quakers. I guess we all sort of have this goofy bond :) Anyways, and ill warn you this is so cheesy, but it felt good to know there were women out there that felt like this win was theirs in a way.. because it was!

FM: "My next job will be........

KC:....actually getting paid to play Quake. I can hardly believe I could get paid to do something I love! I am very lucky to be in this position. After that job, who knows. I am a political science major, maybe you will see me running for office someday ;)

(How do fat guys run for office? Wouldn't they be too slow to catch it? KILL CREEK FOR PRESIDENT! :) - Frags)

FM: "Any guy who thinks he could beat me at Quake should........

KC:...give me a chance before he jumps to any conclusions. I know there are guys out there that can beat me. However, its easy to sit back and find all the faults in a player's style in a demo. I think I can compete with any Quake player out there, male or female. Just gimme a shot at it!

FM: "If some monkey came to my dorm and trapped me in the bathroom with only a toothbrush, a hair dryer, a bag of doritos and 15 pounds of soap I would....

KC:...probably take apart and reassemle the hair dryer repeatedly until i understood how it worked, carve a soap sculpture with the toothbrush, and munch down the doritos (cool ranch of course, sorry sCary) in less than an hour. After that it might get interesting =)

FM: "I am the ultimate Quake Goddess because.....

KC:...Bhahahaha... I am no Quake Goddess. I just love the game like everyone else does.

FM: "I hang on IRC 'cause......

KC:...I have met so many incredible people there. Without irc I never would have met most of the people who are now important in my life. All of these opportunities -- playing Romero, my job, learning to make maps -- have come about because of irc, and I am thankful for that. However, real life is always much nicer and I have been focusing on that more lately :)

FM: "This interview was....

KC:...very thought provoking ;) And fun of course!


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