Capture The Guns q3 mod

Download Wise in Death v1.2 ( 657 Kb ) [ french mirror ]
Download Akimbo v1.2 ( 300 Kb ) [ french mirror ]

Finally some update - [February 28, 2001]

The new Akimbo version 1.2 is finally out, bringing the 1.27 compatibility.
Here is the link to download the file. Among the new features, the weapon switching has been greatly enhanced, and is now far away easier for players using the weapon x commands.
Here is the complete history for version 1.2:
- Q3:Arena 1.27 fully compatible
- enhanced weapon switching
- script commands added (bweapon, rweapnext, rweapprev, lweapnext, lweapprev)
- fixed inverted weapons drop
- fixed Demos menu
- updated AI

About Wise in Death, no 1.27 portage is planned. The fact is that the code is too heavily mixed up with Quake 3 1.17. But a tool is now available, so wid can be runned on any 1.27 Quake 3 version.

And at last, a brand new and candy web-site for your eyes!

Akimbo released - [November 15, 2000]

Akimbo is a new mod that gives the player the opportunity of using two weapons in the same time. Please have a look to its page.

WiD version 1.2 released - [September 23, 2000]

This new version is oriented to fast and furious gameplay, with a general improvement of the game speed, weapons power, and knockback. The game balance has also been enhanced, in order to avoid this shotgun-only fest and to fix these way too high Vitality extra health points.
Notice that this version does not work with the recent point release 1.25
You can grab the file here.

New features:
- improved gameplay
- enhanced game balance
- added upgrades for machinegun and rocket launcher
- enhanced HUD
- updated AI
- server download problems fixed

The forum will welcome your feedbacks and comments.
Have fun !