Capture The Gunz! mod

Download Akimbo v1.2 ( 300 Kb ) [ french mirror ]


Akimbo is a Q3:Arena mod with a pretty simple concept: holding two weapons, one in each hand.
These two guns are fully independent, meaning a player is able to hold two different guns and to fire these separately.

Other gameplay features

Bot Support
The bots know how to use the second weapon, and they are able to choose two different and appropriate guns, and to trigger these separately.

New options
Akimbo games can be easily configured.

Improved Teamplay Weapons Handling
The weapons respawn time in Teamplay is now normal, and can even be configured.

Better Ammo Handling
Ammo handling has been adapted to the Akimbo concept, in order to have a smoother gameplay.


Technical features

Enhanced User Interface
Menus have been enhanced, so options are easier to configure and games easier to launch.

Advanced Binding Saving
All key bindings are automatically saved in a specific config file, in order to avoid any confusion with other mods and baseq3.