Capture The Gunz! mod

In the Wise in Death mod for Q3:Arena, the players are able to evolve and gain power, by purchasing weapons and special abilities.

Three abilities are featured, with 10 different levels each: Vitality, Stealth, and Agility.
They are purchased by spending frags or death's counters. (given each time a player is killed, as a compensation)
The weapons can't be picked up anymore, now they have to be purchased with frags, and some of these also offer the opportunity of being upgraded.

The game concept is radically modified. Frags have to be sacrified in order to grow in might.
As the players evolve more and more, the game becomes faster and more furious, up to the final frenzy, when everyone has reached a high level of power...

Wise in Death can be played in FFA, Team Deathmatch, or CTF, and bots are fully supported.

Abilities - Skills

Increase the health point potential and gives some regeneration abilities.

Grants some invisibility. Its duration depends on level.
This invisibility is mightier when standing still.

Allows faster movement and increased weapon-fire rate.


Upgraded weapons

Piercing Machinegun
This upgraded machinegun supports a high firing rate, and shoots piercing bullets that deals damage through armor.

OKO Shotgun
The shells for this upgraded shotgun pack OKO micro-bombs, which cling to the target on impact. Then these can be remotely detonated, destroying the target, and pretty much everything close to it as well.

Frag Grenades
These grenades fragment upon detonation, sending out deadly shrapnels in all directions.

Nano Rockets
These rockets spread nano-machines upon detonation. Every player within the splash is infected and blinded for a short time.

Sniper Railgun
This railgun sports noise reduction and the rail trail is invisible to ensure that your cover doesn't get blown. It also deals more damage.