page 3 - standard Quake entities

    basically, a normal solid wall
    The catch is, you can specify whether or not the func_wall will appear based on what skill level is being played, or if it is in deathmatch mode. Also, func_walls can be removed by being targeted by a "killtarget" from a trigger.
    inserts a camera that will be used for the intermission screen (more than one can be used)
    There are two parts to using an info_intermission camera. First, you have to place it somewhere...this is it's viewpoint. The second thing you must do is give it a "mangle" key (explained below).
    "mangle" consists of an "x y z" value, where:

    x is the upward/downward angle of the camera. to look straight ahead, the angle would be 0. To look down, you would use a positive angle, and to look up, a negative angle.
    y is the direction the camera will be facing. This is the same value as you would use for an "angle" attribute. (ie: north = 90, east = 0, south = 270, and west = 180)
    z is the "roll" of the camera, like when you are dead and the screen "tilts". A poitive angle will tilt to the right, a negative to the left.
    If more than one info_intermission is present in a level, quake will choose randomly between them for the intermission camera view. If there are no cameras present in a level, the intermission view will be from the info_player_start perspective.
info_notnull & info_notnull
    info_notnull is used as a positional target for lighting, and does not remove itself.
    info_null is a positional target for spotlights, and does remove itself
info_player_* entities
    info_player_coop is used to position players for coop games. (more than one allowed)
    info_player_deathmatch is used to position players for deathmatch games. (more than one allowed)
    info_player_start positions a player for a single player game. (only one allowed)
    info_player_start2 is used as a return point for a player once he completes an episode
    Place these entities wherever you would like players to start. For coop levels, it is a good idea to place the start points close together so everyone can start together. For deathmatch levels, it is best to make players spawn in many random places, but ussually not near high power weapons. To set the angle the player faces upon entering the level, poition the angle accordingly.
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    sets up a teleport destination, when linked to a teleporter
    This is set up much the same way an info_player_start is, except that you must also provide a "targetname" for the entity, which is what the teleporter will target.
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    green armor (100 armor points)
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