page 4 - standard Quake entities

item_armor2 & item_armorinv
    item_armor2 is green armor (150 armor points)
    item_armorinv is red armor (200 armor points)
see also:
    item_artifact_envirosuit - environmental protextion suit
    item_artifact_invisibility - ring of shadows (invisibility)
    item_artifact_invulnerability - pentagram of protection
    item_artifact_super_damage - quad damage
    item_cells ammo for thunderbolt. (to make a large box, check off Large Box in the property flags.
    item_health +25 health medikit (to make it +15, check off 'rotten' in the property flags; to make it a 200 health box, check off 'Megahealth' in the flags section).
    item_key1 silver key
    item_key2 gold key
see also:

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