page 5 - standard Quake entities

More items
    (for all ammo, you may check off 'Large Box' under the properties/flags section of the entity in Worldcraft)

    item_rockets - ammo for rocket/grenade launcher
    item_shells - ammo for shotgun and super shotgun
    item_sigil - sigil (a run) - specify from which episode in the properties/flags
    item_spikes - ammo for nail gun and super nail guns
    item_weapon - Generic weapon class - DO NOT USE
Light entities
    light - a projected light, no visible light source
    light_flame_large_yellow - large yellow fire
    light_flame_small_yellow - small yellow fire
    light_flame_small_white - small white fire
    light_fluoro - a projected light, no visible light source (makes humming sound)
    There are three parts to a light, a "targetname" which is optional (and is used for making a switchable light source), a brightness (defaults to 200), and a "style", explained below.

    You can specify a number from 0 to 11 for the light style. Styles 32 to 62 are assigned by the light program for switchable lights. The following is an explanation of the first 12 styles...

    0 - normal
    1 - flicker (first variety)
    2 - slow strong pulse
    3 - candle (first variety)
    4 - fast strobe
    5 - gentle pulse
    6 - flicker (second variety)
    7 - candle (second variety)
    8 - candle (third variety)
    9 - slow strobe
    10 - flourescent flicker
    11 - slow pulse, not fading to black
    used for making spotlights
    used to make a switchable light source
    determines the brightness of the light
    explained above, determines light's behavior
    starts_off starts light initially off (not available for some light sources)
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