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Worldcraft Files
Worldcraft 1.6a patch
This patch will take any version of Worldcraft between 1.3 and 1.6 and upgrade it to 1.6a. Note that this patch will only work on registered versions of Worldcraft. Version 1.6a includes the long awaited Quake II support.
Worldcraft 1.6a
NEW This is the newest shareware version of Worldcraft currently available. (august 25, 1998) This version brings the much anticipated Quake2 support to the shareware version.
DirectX 5.0 DirectX 5.0. Hey, its a necessary evil, so you might as well have the latest version. (DirectX is needed to run Worldcraft).
Ground Zero FGD Sept 14th This is the FGD file for The Quake II mission pack #2, Ground Zero, by Rogue.
The Reckoning FGD June 10th This is the FGD file for The Quake II mission pack #1, The Reckoning, by Xatrix.
ArghRad FGDs
This ZIP includes arghrad.fgd_ and arghquake2.fgd. arghrad.fgd_ contains code snippets and information on how to modify any Quake II FGD to support the ArghRad enhancements. arghquake2.fgd is the standard quake2.fgd with these enhancements already in place. ArghRad is required as well. (well duh).
MupMapMod FGD
Keith Behrendt sent in this fgd for the MupMapMod. Please direct all questions about it to him.
TeamFortress FGD Big thanks goes out to SailorFrag[NaC] for sending in a TeamFortress FGD file.
Hexen II FGD v1.0 Updated September 4th! This is v1.0 of the Hexen II FGD. Huge thanks to EuctecTic for this revision.
QuakeFGD Pack 1.5 This ZIP includes the installed versions of the Hipnotic, Rogue, and Zerstorer FGD files, as well as a (ever so heavily...) modified standard quake.fgd. Note that use of these entities requires the appropriate mission pack to be installed, and also (in the case of the Hipnitual entities) a modified QBSP and LIGHT. wQBSP and ArghLite are recommended for everything, in any case. This allows you to use the Team Fortress entities in worldcraft. Thanks to Imaginos for the patch.
Malice Developers Kit This will help you build stuff for Malice. Included in this kit is a texture WAD, a custom .fgd, a new palette file, and a design tutorial.
Compiling Utilities
ArghRad 1.0 This is Tim Wright's modified QRAD3 program. It adds a number of new command line parameters key/values for the worldspawn and point lights, as well as lighting abilities for brush models. See the text included for more details.
Hexen II Utilities
Featuring Hexen II versions of Light, Vis, BSP, and the Hexen II script compiler (including source). While this is an unsupported release, if you find bugs you can email [email protected] (put "H2_Utils" in the subject line).
Hexen Utils, updated
Eric Hobbs has hacked together these utils. These are needed to compile maps made for Hexen II. These are the updated tools, and now include hexcsg, hexbsp, hexlight, and hexvis. Please read the included text files for details on use.
QBSP-full This is the most current version of Worldcraft compatible QBSP (do not use the one included with wc 1.0a)
wQBSP 1.65
wQBSP 1.65 (linux)
Ken Alverson's all purpose QBSP, with support for GL Quake, Hipnotic (er, Ritual) extensions, and a load of other options...just read the documentation included, dammit...(now in tasty linux flavor, thank you to Anthony J Martin).
ArghLite 2.0 This is Tim Wright's modified LIGHT program, which incorporates Ritual entity extensions, has support for variable distance fading, min-light type function, easy spotlight aiming, and negative light values.. See the text included for more details.
rVIS 1.0 This is the mododified VIS program by Antony Suter which is built to speed up the time it takes to VIS your level. It is a direct replacement for the standard VIS.
Texture WADS
Start WAD This wad contains all the textures from the start level.
Base WAD This wad contains all the textures from the E1Mx levels.
Wizard WAD This wad contains all the textures from the E2Mx levels.
Medieval WAD This wad contains all the textures from the E3Mx levels.
Metal WAD This wad contains all the textures from the E4Mx levels.
CTF 4.0 WAD This wad contains all the unique textures found in Zoid's CTF 4.0 pack.
Hipnotic WAD This wad contains the textures unique to the Hipnotic mission pack #1, Scourge of Armagon
Rogue WAD This wad contains the textures unique to Rogue's mission pack #2, Dissolution of Eternity
Zerstörer WAD All unique textures from the Zerstörer mission pack. Some cool, icky stuff.
Editing Utilities
Wally 1.09 (updated june 11) Wally is a Quake II WAL texture editor, and it does it all baby! It is basically a full featured graphics editor designed specifically for WAL textures. Program by Ty Matthews and Neal White III.
ReMipDLX When run on a .BSP, .WAD, or .MIP, this program will take the textures and redo all the sub mip textures to give them a higher quality. Program by Neal White III.
MinLight You can run this on a completed bsp file, with the command line of '- light 100' or whatever you like, to take away the pure black areas of your level.
BSP2WAD This allows you to extract the texture files from a single bsp file, into a WAD file usable by Worldcraft. (by Geoff Phillips)
MergeWAD Use this to merge all the small wads made with bsp2wad. This will also remove duplicate textures. (by Geoff Phillips)
SubWAD The third utility from Geoff Phillips allows you to subtract any any texture from wad1.wad that appears in wad2,wad. This utility allowed me to easily put together the ctf4, hipnotic, and rogue texture wads with no duplicate textures. Many thanks goes out to Geoff!
UpdBSP The fourth utility from Geoff Phillips! This program updates the textures in a BSP (Quake) file from a WAD file, creating a new BSP file. The purpose of this is to allow speedy update of graphics to a level, without incurring the huge computational costs of rerunning the level builder.
bspalign.gz A small utility from Ken Alverson. Corrects problems for Solaris Quake when trying to load a level in which the chunks in the bsp file are not on four byte boundaries. This is a small utility that, when run on a map compiled for transparent water, will give non-glQuake users the transparent water effect. Check out the Waterhack webpage. Program by Dr. Splat.
Example Maps
Glass This is an example of how to use a trigger_multiple to simulate glass. Note that if this is used as a walking surface, it will be like ice, although you will not be able to jump. Movement is also rather difficult until you get going. This effect can be avoided by placing a clipping texture over the "glass".
Hipnotic Clock This demonstrates how to build a working clock using the hipnotic entities func_clock, rotate_object, and info_rotate. For the clock face, the CLOCK1 texture (from hipnotic.wad) is recommended for best effect.
Hipnotic Particle Field This example shows how to use the Hipnotic entities func_particlefield and func_togglewall to make a togglable impassable particle field.
Hipnotic Earthquake This is an Indiana Jones style example...upon retrieving a key, there will be an earthquake, and rubble will fall from above, and the ground will split open, and there will be a firey lava pit...its cool...try it :)
Hipnotic Rotating Doors This is a small example map demonstrating Hipnotic's rotating doors. Not that I have done nothing to fix the alignment errors of the func_movewalls.
Hipnotic Storm This is an example map sent in by Murderous. It shows how to use a combination of Hipnitual's entities to produce an excellent thunder/lightning effect.
Hipnotic Trains This map demonstrates Hipnotic's func_train2 and func_rotate_train. See if you can ride the rotating train around its circuit. (This might make a good trap if there was lava or something below).
Jumping Monsters This example shows how to make a monster jump by using the func_monsterjump.
Lightning This shows how you can use lightning in a trap. Note that to make lightning cause damage, you have to use a trigger_hurt.
Liquids This is a simple example showing the various liquids - water, slime, and lava.
Multiple triggers This shows how to use one trigger entity to trigger multiple events.
Monster Patrol This example uses path_corners to make a monster follow a certain path.
Moving Platforms This is an example showing how to use a func_train.
Normal Door This simply shows how to construct a normal door.
One-way window This example shows how to make a one-way window, where you can see in one side, but the other side is not transparent. Useful for Rocket Arena type maps.
Platforms This demonstrates the use of the func_plat entity to make rising platforms. (to make descending ones, use a func_door, and modify the "lip" value)
Rogue Elevator This example shows the use of the func_elvtr_button and func_new_plat Rogue entities to construct an elevator.
Rogue Lightning This example demonstrates the use of the Rogue entities ltrail_start, ltrail_relay, and ltrail_end to make lightning effects.
Rogue Statues Demonstrates how to make a statue of a knight which animates when triggered
Rogue Traps This example includes the use of the Rogue trap entities buzzsaw and pendulum.
Secret Door This shows how to construct a secret door. Note that to make things count as "secrets" at the end of the level, you have to set up a trigger_secret entity.
Switchable Lights This shows how to make lights which may be turned on and off.
Spotlights This demonstrates the use of path_corners in making a spotlight.
Teleportation This is a simple example to explain the use of teleporters.
Tripwire This demonstrates how to construct a tripwire, which then may be used for a number of things - traps, alarms, etc.
Wind Tunnels This shows how to construct a wind tunnel using the trigger_push entity.

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