Painkiller II



Base style Quake II dm map for 1-on-1 play
Simulated curved surfaces using ArghRad 2.0
Finished: April 1, 1999
Features all weapons except BFG & hyperblaster, no powerups
Eraser bot route-table bundled with the .zip

Download -

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I was never 100% satisfied how the original Painkiller turned out. So when ArghRad 2.0, which supports phong shading for creating simulated curved surfaces, was released, I decided to give it a second try. The architecture is now 99% rebuilt, lighting is completely new and the item and weapon placement is a bit modified. The r_speeds are somewhat higher in this version thanks to the curved surfaces, but it should run fine on most today's 3d accelerators.

This is actually the 6th incarnation of the original Quake 1 Painkiller:

  1. Painkiller for Quake 1
  2. Painkiller for Quake II
  3. Painkiller for HolyWars, same as 2 with bugfixes
  4. Painkiller for The Extremities, same as 3 with additional fixes
  5. Painkiller for The Wages Of Sin - an official Sin add-on pack
  6. Painkiller II
Obviously, there will be more ;)