June 11, 2021

Console Scripts

Quake Script

File: jf_qcfg.zip
Readme: jf_qcfg.txt

This is a set of scripts, which allows a player to perform certain frequently used tasks or commands with a keystroke or two. These scripts have been designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind and to get maximum performance from your input devices. Ergonomics and necessity are the basis for these scripts. These scripts include bindings for many Quake mods which saves the player the time and effort to makeup their own bindings.

This script is no longer supported and will no longer be modified. This was my first script ever created. This is the script that I used to learn all about the intricate details of the Quake console. I remember spending much time tweaking, changing, adding, and removing this from this script. I have also learned a lot about the short comings of the Quake console and how unpowerful it really was. I created this script around a totally modular design which allowed me to have scripts loaded independently of each other. This modular system allowed the creation of many independent modules for different mods which would work separate from each other and had all of their independent settings. This script are the most complex script which I have ever written, and they is probably more complex than anything anybody else has ever written for the Quake console. The complexity of this script stemmed from the basic problems of the console, and this was just a very clever way of getting around those problems. In the end, I have to say that during the production of this script I have learned a great deal about the basics of script design and design in general. I am not all that happy with the level of complexity of this script but I have no choice because there is no other way to get around the problems of the Quake console. The production of this script was a great learning experience in design and functionality, it opened my mind to the ideas behind the creation of a project such as this one.

Quake 2 Script

File: jf_q2cfg.zip
Readme: jf_q2cfg.txt

This is my Quake 2 configuration script. My script is a collection of bindings, aliases, and settings which configure the mouse and keyboard for Quake 2. My script is designed to give you the best performance and the highest frag counts out of Quake 2 by enabling you to have the ultimate control over your character’s movement. My script is very comfortable and easy to use and if you want to be the best player that you can be you must use this script. It also has support for bindings and aliases for many of the Quake 2 mods that exist so you don’t have to bother with making any more bindings. This is going to be the last script and key configuration that you will ever try in your life and you will realize how good it really is.

This is the second script which I have designed. This script is a work in the art of perfection through simplicity. I am very happy with how this script came out and I have learned a great deal from making this script. I have to say that this script is very good at what it does, it certainly allowed me to have the best key configuration possible for the game. I can remember many times thinking of my old key setup and how bad it was compared to this new key setup in this script. I think that this is how scripts should be, plain, simple, and down right functional. These scripts are exactly what I wanted to accomplish with the original Quake scripts, but that couldn’t be done until Quake 2 came out. I am happy how these scripts have evolved from the original Quake scripts and how they thought me all these things about design and functionality. I hope that the people who use this script will also be happy with it’s performance.

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