June 4, 2013


This one is a mash-up. Tom Mustaine wanted to see if Minecraft-like gameplay could have been prototyped back in the 1996 era Quake tech. His answer was positive!

So, what’s all this about?


  • Quake 1 .pak files
  • A modern Quake1 source port. (only tested with Darkplaces)
  • Unzip QuakeCraft into your Quake 1 (source port) folder and run Quakecraft.bat (or, if you prefer the shortcut way, this is the .bat file content: darkplaces.exe -game quakecraft +map mctest2)


“Starting with vanilla Quake1 and QuakeC I was able to create a new entity called func_minecraft_block that behaves like Minecraft’s blocks in that they take damage, provide feedback when hit (colored particles in Quake1 vs texture damage in MC), and when “killed” drop themselves for pickup into the player inventory. While this worked beautifully, a limitation arose pretty quickly with the vanilla Quake1 entity limit. I could only place a very small number of blocks before running out entities. To get over this hump, I picked the Darkplaces Quake1 sourceport since they had changelogs relating to cranking up the number of edicts/ents.

Either way, I think this experiment was a success. With Quake1 tech back in 1996 it would have been totally possible to have modified the engine to build a game that would have felt very similar to Minecraft with just about every core features that makes Minecraft what it is. Fun fun.”

Source: http://www.mustaine.com/about/one-game-a-month2013/quakecraft/

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  2. Dom Says:

    Did you here there is another thing called quake craft, its a minecraft server that tries to remake quake in minecraft (Q3 i think), this is awesome!

  3. Ciprian Says:

    Hey @Dom, do you have a link for this?


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