April 13, 2010

OpenQuartz 2 Updates

What’s new with OpenQuartz 2? I’ve been sorting out some files and started documenting everything. Starting from the /gfx/ folder to the data paks. I’m doing this for an easy CSQC integration with the current source. I want to integrate CSQC with QC, QuakeWorld QC, Frikbot and Gyro. I’ve been fixing some errors in QC, and several others in QWQC. I’ll release a clean QuakeC source tomorrow, with all compiling errors fixed, which I’ll version as 1.06a.

The main purpose of OpenQuartz was to create a GPL content pack only. This did not include the engine. However, OpenQuartz was also distributed with a special darkplaces.exe executable, with some modifications. That won’t be necessary anymore, and I’ll distribute all parts of OpenQuartz 2 both as a complete pack, and separate.

I’ll probably test the content and the progs.dat functionality with several other engines, but the main ones remain Darkplaces and DirectQ.

And here are some screenshots for those of you who don’t know how OpenQuartz 2 looks like. Tomorrow it might be totally different.

Update #1 (May 17th, 2010):

I’ve decided to merge several patches and models into OpenQuartz 2. I’ve got lots and lots of bits and pieces of QuakeC code and half-ready maps scattered around my hard-disk. I need to reorganize them and add everything to OpenQuartz 2. Fully documented, with screenshots and help.

Latest changes include new graphics replacing all .lmp files. I was thinking the other days that I might go beyond the initial purpose of OpenQuartz, and remove old and unused content, thus breaking compatibility with really old mods. I might even merge some GPL mods with the next version of OpenQuartz 2.

Screenshots coming soon, around Wednesday or Thursday, showcasing new menu graphics and maybe, just maybe, a new map.

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  1. mdk-137 Says:

    Cool initiative Chip.

  2. Chip Says:

    There’s so many things to do and so little time. But keep an eye on QuakeWiki.net for more Quake 1 universe updates ;)

  3. TeDiouSein Says:

    Nice! Best wishes to you. I’ll be watching for this.


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