I have recently added an image gallery, mostly great Quake maps or levels or generic level design. I will post more as I find them. Feel free to register an account and post your own maps or levels or level design shots or WIPs.

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Penumbra: Overture goes open source!

Not related to Quake, but to a nice horror survival engine, Penumbra: Overture goes open source. I’ve only played the second part of the series, Black Plague, but this addition to the open-source market is remarkable. Here is a link to the public repository for the Penumbra game and the HPL1 engine: http://github.com/FrictionalGames Here’s...
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How to convert a 3DS model to Quake 1 MDL format

This is a tutorial on how to convert a 3DS/MAX model made in 3d Studio Max to Quake 1 .mdl format. Programs used: 3D Studio Max 9, Paint Shop Pro 9, Quick3D, qME 3.1 Courtesy of st3ady.
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MD3 To MDL Converter

Here’s a handy little tool for people who want to make models for Quake 1, mostly aimed at people who can work in tools like Max or Maya, but are stuck without an easy way to get their work from these tools into .mdl format. This command line program takes a very simple text file, along with a .md3 file and optionally a skin, and outputs a .mdl...
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Quake 2 MD2 Importer for Gmax

This is an untested Quake 2 MD2 importer script for Gmax. Add it to your scripts folder. Run it as a script. Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Chris Cookson Download: [Download not found] Version history: v1.0 First release
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OpenQuartz 2 Updates

What’s new with OpenQuartz 2? I’ve been sorting out some files and started documenting everything. Starting from the /gfx/ folder to the data paks. I’m doing this for an easy CSQC integration with the current source. I want to integrate CSQC with QC, QuakeWorld QC, Frikbot and Gyro. I’ve been fixing some errors in QC, and several...
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QME Version 3.1 preview 2 LITE

Quake Model Editor is a modeler, animator, 3D painter and 2D texture editor compatible with full version of ID Software’s Quake, Quake 2 and Hexen 2. Download: [Download not found] This is the LITE version. See readme.txt for more details. MDL files contain models of monsters, weapons and other items that are used in Quake. The following very...
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Quake 3 MD3 Importer for Gmax

This is an untested Quake 3 MD3 importer script for Gmax. Add it to your scripts folder. Run it as a script. Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Chris Cookson Download: [Download not found] Version history: v1.0 First release beta0.2 Private beta – Fixed frame rate problem beta0.1 Public beta – unsupported test version Known issues: Auto-attach...
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Quake Retrospective

Lewis Denby did a great job writing a Quake retrospective. “It’s a 16-year-old shooter, yet I remember it as if it were just last week. I remember the pre-release buzz. Here was id Software’s follow-up to Doom, a spiritual successor that rendered the entire world and all its contents in an astonishing three dimensions. I remember...
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Quake 1 QC Tips and Tricks

Are you getting “Too few parameters” error for droptofloor() function? Be sure to modify line 602 in defs.qc, float(float yaw, float dist) droptofloor= #34;    // TRUE if landed on floor with this one float() droptofloor= #34; // TRUE if landed on floor Function droptofloor() is a float and should return TRUE or FALSE. Drops self to the...
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Quake Rants

After cleaning up a bit the former PlanetQuake archives, there’s still a lot to do to optimize the sites. I started the Quake Source project. It’s based on the idea of OpenQuartz. Quake Source will feature new, royalty-free textures, fonts and graphics. Thanks to Baker from QuakeOne.com, I found the GPL’s map sources released by ID...
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Wiki Documentation

I did a few upgrade tasks lately, in an effort to add Wiki features to the site. I’m going to add documentation for Quake, QC, maybe some programming additions. Going live with the Wiki features in 2010. Also, I noticed a few DarkPlaces updates, Kleshik updates, probably after the discussion on Inside3D. I’m glad to see that. I’m also...
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Flash Quake

Here’s what I found via QuakeOne.com forums. A port of  Quake for Flash. Check it here: http://www.xgenstudios.com/play/quake-flash
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2010 Projects

Welcome again to QuakeWiki.net! Check out the current projects on the left menu, or visit the archives. Project 1 I took over OpenQuartz and started to create a fork of it. It will feature photorealistic textures, improved effects and GPL’d content. Project 2 The second project is based on DarkPlaces engine and features powerful CSQC effects....
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QuakeWiki is Live!

QuakeWiki.net is finally live. For the moment it only hosts most of the PlanetQuake archives that are due for deletion on August 31st. I intend to add more info on Quake 1 programming, editing, mapping and more. Along with sources, links and references. Welcome to Quake Wiki (quakewiki.net) This domain hosts all Quake archives that are to be deleted...
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