Quake Mods Repository

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Quake 1 Mods Repository

This is a list of modifications and add-ons for Quake 1. All files have been repacked to either include the latest patch, or for better compression. Do you have a mod that's not listed here or want to list your mod on QuakeWiki? Drop me an email.

The Gallery

The gallery brings you interesting Quake screenshots, screengrabs, levelshots, level design examples, Quake maps, low-poly mapshots and other related images.

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Old QuakeWiki Projects

This section contains old QuakeWiki projects, updates and releases. My last project was OpenQuartz 2 (former OpenQuartz), a Quake 1 GPL content engine (currently abandoned and source lost).

Latest Articles

This section contains general news, articles, discussions, tutorials and more.

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Wiki Documentation

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2010 Projects