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Conquest takes place 10 years After Quake (AQ).  Shubby was defeated, and people weren’t expecting another demon invasion anytime soon.  So, you can imagine the surprised looks on their faces when the demons came back and began slaughtering them all.

After a few years, the multiple requests for military protection from the demon raids began to make their way through the bureaucratic chain of command.  Outraged at the massive loss of life, LT. Commander James Blue Gonner immediately filled out a request for the form he needed to fill out to request a senate hearing.  Within 6 months – a monumentous record at the time and a testament to the urgency of the matter – he appeared before the council and managed to convince them to allocate five thousand dollars and even a couple soldiers to deal with the situation, effective in 12 months, authorization pending.

Later the project was scrapped to free up funding for a neighborhood improvement bill.  The senators then voted to give themselves a raise.

Tired of waiting for the bureaucratic buffoons to act, Gonner decided to handle things himself. He filled out a Notice of Away Without Leave (NOAWOL Form 11-13) and a Request to Go Nuts and Blast The Hell out of Some Frigg’n Demons (MIL Form 88-11.32 RTGNABTHOOSFD), but they were both denied by his superior officer, who didn’t like him.

In the mean time, you, a lowly peasant computer programmer who is out of work, have wandered into a small town on the fringe of demon territory, trusty shotgun in hand…

Gameplay Basics

Conquest has several important features to be aware of.  The first is the town (not yet implemented!).  When you finish a level, you will return to town to heal up, buy and sell weapons for slightly cheaper, and to speak to villagers.

There are also shops dispersed throughout the levels.  You can buy weapons, ammo, and shielding from them, and do other maintenance such as changing the order of weapons and shields.  Weapons can be very cheap or very expensive, and their ammo can cost you a fortune, so stick with some of the weaker weapons until you’re earning enough money to maintain them. Many weapons have an auxiliary fire to them.  It would be to your advantage to make use of these.

Shielding is just as important as weapons.  You can buy up to 3 layers of shielding, and there are many types you can buy.  Be sure to start with at least a little protection, but don’t go overboard. Shields can be expensive, too.

The order of your shields is important.  The bullets will hit the outer shield first (layer 3), then the middle shield (2), then the inner shield (1).  Some shields are too expensive to buy when you start playing, so focus on the cheap ones first.  Also don’t feel obligated to fill all 3 shield slots when you first start – that’s not necessary yet.

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  • Version: 0.4
  • Status: Beta Release
  • Released: 2004-09-18
  • Updated: 2004-10-19
  • Author: Dan Hale
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