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Mod Information

  • Version: 2.1
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-11-08
  • Updated: 1997-11-08
  • Author: Excalibur
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? No

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This conversion brings back the good old days with the Doom2 weapons.  I left out the fist because it sucked. You now start with 50 nails for the pistol, chainsaw,and no shells for the super + normal shotgun.

All quake weapons have been replaced, except for tge Thunderbolt, which isn’t bound to any impulse, but it is selected when you pick it up. Once you select another weapons, it’s gone until you pick up another. Picking up a thunderbolt also gives you the BFG-9500.

Doom 2 (735 downloads)
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