Orange Modules

This is a patch for a quake server (not QuakeWorld).  It contains the following upgrades:

  • admin – remote administration: allows level changes, kicking players, environment changes, etc.
  • burn – burning: sets people on fire if hurt a lot.
  • ctf – capture the flag: a cut down version of threewave’s ctf, plays ctf on normal levels, and ctf levels.
  • impulse 23 – status of ctf game
  • drone – drones (a sort of homing missile): on the grenade (twice), a homing missile, using the vore missile model, can and will lock onto player. When missile has lock the gold key is lit up in the player console.
  • exitrules – exit (a level) rules: stops people from exiting levels, unless criterion have been met. Sends a 50,000 blow to exiters!
  • holo – holoquake (aka holoduke): remember the holoduke, here’s one for quake.

And many, many more!

Download: [Download not found]