August 22, 2010

Quake Rally

Racing games have been among the most popular gaming genres since the early days of computer entertainment. From ‘Pole Position’ on the original Atari consoles right through to the state-of-art Sega arcade racers like ‘Scud Race’, gamers have been drawn to the adrenaline pumping exhileration proved by racing at break-neck speed where every split-second reaction can mean the difference between winning and losing. There is only ever one winner.

Quake Rally uses id Software’s first-person action game, ‘Quake’, as the basis of some brain-shaking racing and destruction. So slap on a helmet, strap on your seat-belt and GOOOOOOOOO….

Quake Rally offers the whole range of vehicle based gaming experiences; from racing with and without weapons, through a variety of non-racing styles, right through to the story based single player challege of ‘Cult’. While the main focus is largely in multiplayer gaming (up to 8 players), single players aren’t left out.

Quake Rally (1328 downloads)
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