“Well What Shall I Say!! I Thought That Quake Was Getting To Easy So I Started A Little Project To Make It More Difficult.

I Cant Remember All Of The Things I Have Put In This Little Mod. But Here Are Some Of It..

Well WEAPONS Are Something Almost EveryBody Likes So..

– A New UZI Instead Of The Regular Nailgun!
– A HalfGood Grappling Gun!
– A New Sniper Rifle With Diffirent Ammo (Hollow Point Ammo) And (Full Metal Jacket Ammo)
– A Laser Gun (Dont Even Try To Use This One) Its Crap!!!!
– A Detpack (Hmm!!) Powerful Some Times!!


– There Are Five New Grunts (With Special Weapons)
– One New Ogre (Looks The Same)
– Two New Enfocers (Evil Ones)
– One New Paladin (Uses Mind Death Spells)
– One New DarkKnight (A Bit More PowerFul)

All New Monster Have Got A Little Better AI. Some Can For Instance Fake Their Own Death And Jump You Wen You Pass By!! (Bla Bla)

– All Monster Gives Experience Points (Bla Bla)

There Is A Lot More I Just Dont Have The Energy To Tell You Try To Find Out For Your Self Instead..”

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